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Cotton Rugs

Shree Sai International is known to offer the best quality Cotton and Chenille rugs that are made with excellent quality material. With the vision of the empowerment of the artisans, we make sure that the local craftsmen are employed to give our rugs a traditional touch.

The rugs are easy to wash. Due to their slip-free material they stick to the floor in a perfect manner and do not cause any accidents. Each of the rugs is handwoven and looks as graceful as your interiors. The availability of the rugs in different colors makes it easy for the user to select the one that matches the shades of their rooms.

The high quality and pocket-friendly price of our Cotton and Chenille rugs make them a must-try. They have a good size and hence cover your area in a perfect manner. These cotton rugs are surely going to give you full value for money.

Handmade rugs are one of the most simple ways to turn and enliven any room, whether it’s private or public. Rugs and carpets, depending on their design, will reveal a lot about the personality of the room and the people who live in it. If you’re redecorating your den or decorating your newly purchased home, the right rug will set the mood of your space right away.

Cotton and Chenille rugs and carpets are even more unique because they have their own elegance due to their exclusivity and the beauty in their flaws. A handmade rug or carpet is woven with stories of generational skills of its artisans, making it both beautiful and durable.

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