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Waving Hands Rugs Pvt Ltd. is spread over 3 different locations in Mirzapur, Panipat & Sitapur and has the infrastructure to produce more than 15000 of carpet every month. We are equipped with 240 frame looms and 390 handlooms which are operated by our proficient team who are well rehearsed with the machinery. Our infrastructure includes a 25000 sq.ft.area where the cleaning and dyeing processes are conducted. Altogether, we have independent operating factories in around 70000 sq.ft area.We are also backed by our designing team who keep track of the trends and create outstanding designs using efficient computerized designing system. The production areas have separate facilities for weaving, dyeing and cleaning of the products.


Our products are widely appreciated for their excellent craftsmanship, superior quality, and outstanding designs. All our carpets are hand-made in our in-house infrastructure facility following strict quality standards. We make best of the finest quality yarns and fabrics to ensure premium grade Home furnishing Made-ups & Floor Covering.

Our product range comprises of woven and tufted rugs in wool, cotton chenille, jute and blends of different yarns and textures.







Shree Sai International is based in Mirzapur, Panipat, and Sitapur and can manufacture more than 15000 square metres of carpet per month. We have 240 frame looms and 390 handlooms, all of which are run by a skilled team well-versed in the machinery. The cleaning and dyeing processes are carried out in a 25000 sq. ft. area of our infrastructure. We have independent operating factories in a total area of about 70000 sq. ft.

We also have a design team that keeps up with the latest trends and creates outstanding designs with the help of a computerised design framework. The weaving, dyeing, and washing of the items are all done separately in the processing areas.

Our products are well-known for their exceptional craftsmanship, high quality, and innovative designs. All of our carpets are handcrafted in our infrastructure facility to exacting specifications. To ensure premium quality Home Furnishing Made-ups & Floor Covering, we use only the highest quality yarns and fabrics.

Our work starts from designing with the help of the local craftsmen, and we make sure that the products reflect the country’s tradition. We believe in the local ideas and hence work towards the empowerment of the artisans who are based in the country. from designing to dyeing and cleaning, we take care of every step, so the result meets the customer’s needs the best manner.

We have some of the best minds to work with us regarding the weaving, knotting and a proper quality check. Not even a single piece goes unnoticed by the quality team. We want to offer 100% satisfaction to the customers, and with this motto, we make sure that our clients get what they want in the best form with value for money.