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One-of-a-kind hand tufted rug artistically designed with unique colors that bring out the beauty of one of the best-selling area rugs, plush, soft and durable, comfortable to maintain.Looks aside, this custom hand-made area rugs help absorb and decrease noise as they soften the step of hardwood and tile flooring. Made in India, this one is constructed from wool, a natural fiber with the added benefit of extra grip that promotes proper posture, better balance, and accident prevention.


To produce a hand-tufted rug, fabric with a stenciled design is stretched on a frame. A tufting gun is used to shoot yarn through the fabric while passing by horizontally. This leaves a yarn loop at the back and the front for each shot. Upon completion the back loops are fixed in place with latex and the front loops are opened forming the pile. The finishing process is essentially the same as for hand-knotted carpets. Completion of a hand tufted carpet usually requires less than one fourth (1/4) the time as the same size hand-knotted carpet, making for a more affordable item without skipping the wool!

Traditionally tufted rugs were made by hand and were usually used as garments, with the woolen side facing inwards and the warp and weft foundation as the outside. This was particularly the case with mittens.The method involved in making a tufted rug involves running a thread in a long on-going loop, which is the simplest type of weaving. Afterwards the tufted loops are clipped, leading to a nice uniform finish.

When first deciding to cover floors with wall-to-wall carpeting, your choice may seem simple, just select carpeting in a color you like that feels good underfoot. But confusing differences become apparent once shopping begins.

One matter to consider is whether you want woven or tufted wall-to-wall carpet. Because flooring does a special job, it’s a component of a home that receives a lot of scrutiny. Everyone wants to see that the floor is in good shape, and they also want to see how it improves the look of the space. A modern custom hand tufted rugs with beatiful and elegant pixelate designs all over it. The soft grey & white pixels merge beautifully with the white textured ground. Forgoes great with any décor.


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