Add a warm touch to your floors with this charming jute floor pillow. It’s great for adding a bit of color and texture to your space, but also provides functional comfort as an extra seat or back rest. Natural colors make it very easy to coordinate with any décor.


Our floor pillows are the perfect pick for seating in a pinch. They’re overstuffed and firm to never lose their shape and the high-quality print makes sure the design stays crisp and colorful. lets you meditate in peace by providing total comfort. It deepens your experience by keeping a check on your stress levels. The unique design allows you to sit raised off the ground for the perfect meditation position. It helps you avoid straining your back as the cushion aligns your spine perfectly. The shape provides excellent support to the hips, lower back, and thighs. Since the cushion contains buckwheat, it contours according to your shape as you sit.

Find centered stability while you meditate with the sitting cushions for floor. If aching bones and benumbed ankles interrupt your meditation, this is the right product for you. The cushion is tightly packed with buckwheat hulls that impart the perfect balance of firmness and softness. It provides bedding and relieves stress from your knees and hips. Quit adjusting your position during the meditation with this amazing cushion.

This ergonomic design supports your lower back, ischial junction node, knees, and feet, giving you the perfect lotus position. It relieves muscle tension and provides bedding for sore ankles. It prevents tear, joint pains, and bone pressure and simultaneously boosts concentration. This fabric-finished neoprene foam meditation mandala floor cushion comes in seven beautiful colors.

Besides causing pain and discomfort, sitting for long hours on a hard floor can misalign your back. A meditation cushion improves your posture by elevating your pelvis, raising your hips above your knees for the perfect curvature of your spine. It also helps you concentrate as you will be less distracted due to pain. It helps you reach a deeper meditative state by supporting every pose.

These floor cushions online are designed to avoid numbness in the legs. It makes cross-legged, and lotus poses more comfortable. These yoga pillows help keep the spine perfectly aligned by supporting the tailbone. It is lightweight and portable.


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