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This beautiful charcoal rug is part of the viscose collection. Order it as a stand alone piece or in combination to add flow and consistency to your space. These designer patterns will change the look and feel of your home.


Viscose has other Western names such as rayon, China silk, Artificial silk, and Art silk. Viscose is a thin fiber extracted from wood pulp but is not a natural fiber because of the wood pulp’s treatment with chemicals to turn it into a yarn. They are soft, smooth, shiny, and very comfy. They make beautiful rugs, mattresses, pillows, etc.

Viscose is a semi-synthetic fibre which is sometimes known as rayon. It is commonly used in a wide range of rugs, with some made from 100% viscose, and many others incorporating at least some percentage of the fibre in their overall makeup. Viscose rugs can be handmade, or machine made and they have their benefits for many different types of home. Opting for wool viscose blend rug is a decision many people are not sure about, due to both the pros and cons of the fabric and below is a closer look at why you may (or may not) opt for a viscose rug.

When it comes to shimmering looks, colour range, style selection, size and versatility, they are often one of the best options around. Wool viscose blend rug are very popular and they have become importers and Home Designer’s favorites. Hand knotted viscose carpets being the best, they are brilliantly handwoven in Hand-tufted, Handloom, and Dhurries as well. Their blending, especially with wool, adds together a unique and spicy style.

Viscose and wool rugs are the most desirable fiber area rugs that every carpet shop and rugs importers eye. You will come across many rugs made of viscose in most carpet showrooms and shops. Hand-knotted from silky viscose threads for a natural finish with a luxurious sheen. It’s sophisticated minimalism at its best.

Woven from a mix of wool and silky rayon threads, this plush pile rug feels amazing underfoot.


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