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  • Decorative Baskets | Rope Basket

    Professionally designed Cotton woven baskets offer a mix of functionality with its neutral clean design which brings warmth and style to any space. They work seamlessly with any type of home décor, from rustic farmhouse to modern minimalistic, and everything in between.

  • Hamper Baskets | Rope Basket

    This wicker basket offers a way to display, carry, and store all types of items with a bit of rustic style. The natural materials are durable and reliable — promising to last through years of use.The sides of this basket are flexible but remain sturdy to provide support to the items stored.

  • Natural Basket | Hamper Baskets | Rope Basket

    This cotton rope basket can be used in the car to stock up on road trip essentials, out at the park to hold picnic supplies, or at the foot of the stairs to hold your favorite house shoes. With its useful features and charming design, this ivory basket is the best choice for anyone looking to contain or carry various items in style. The wicker material is pleasant on the eyes and durable. It will give your overall day-to-day activities a fun, scandinavian twist.

  • Rope Basket – Storage Baskets | Natural Basket

    How to keep your home clean and tidy? A large fabric storage basket helps you to organize home stuff. You can store clothes, blankets, bedding, pillows toys and so on. With nice color and unique design, it’s also a decorative basket to your interior space.

  • Rope Basket | Kitchen Baskets

    This beautiful hand-woven braided cotton Basket composed of 100% cotton makes a great addition to any room. This stunning basket can be used for décor or storage.

  • Woven Basket | Kitchen Basket | Cotton Rope Basket

    This basket is woven into the basket weave. This provides a comfortable way to carry a variety of items. The basket is the perfect size to hold vegetables and fruits in the pantry or out on the kitchen counter — the perfect farmer’s market tote.Also, basket would be great to hold washcloths and lotions in the guest bathroom. Best natural cotton product for that scandinavian look.

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