Decorative Baskets | Rope Basket

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Professionally designed Cotton woven baskets offer a mix of functionality with its neutral clean design which brings warmth and style to any space. They work seamlessly with any type of home décor, from rustic farmhouse to modern minimalistic, and everything in between.


Usable in any room of the house and office to keep everything clean and tidy. Five different sizes to meet your various storage needs. Helps liven up any room with our simple, yet elegant design. Fits well with a variety of storage compartments and shelves. Whether it’s all for yourself or sharing between family and friends, or gifting to others. Our large jute basket are practical that fits the bill and decor.

Made from soft cotton rope this jute picnic basket has a large internal capacity making it perfect for storing everything, from toilet rolls in the bathroom to kids toys in the bedroom or playroom. This basket also features carry handles making it easy to transport and it is also easy to clean, making it the ideal addition to any home.

Dual material baskets made from Jute and Felt. The baskets loose structure allows you to manipulate their shape, perfect for storage. Durable leather handles allow for easy grab and go. Stylish, practical and multi-functional, storage baskets are great for storing toys, magazines, laundry, and all sorts of household items!

Dyed white and fashioned into a rope-like material, natural raffia fiber weaves this fresh take on the traditional basket. Molded rattan serves as a frame around which the snowy white raffia shapes the roomy round basket. Handles add a touch of warm color while ensuring easy transport. We love the fresh color in the bath, bedroom or contemporary living room.


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