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  • Cotton Rugs – 100% Cotton Rugs | Handwoven cotton rug | Weaving carpets | Weaving hands

    A rug on the floor gives you an idea on where to place your furniture, while it also provides texture and color to the room. Cotton rugs in India is a timeless and characterful choice for any room of the house. Soft and durable cotton rugs are well suited for hallways, kitchens and bedrooms alike.

  • Cotton Rugs – 100% Cotton Rugs | Weaving hands

    The denim cotton dhurrie is hand woven with jute . This combination has both comfort and texture. this rug this hand braided by artisans in india making it as unique as the space its placed . It has a eclectic and authentic look inspired by geometric patterns that can easily designed around. This cotton dhurrie is also machine washable rug.

  • Cotton Rugs – Cotton dhurrie rugs | Weaving hands

    This floor rug is handwoven in recycled fabric. Recycled fabric combined with cotton makes it functional as well as aesthetically appealing. This cotton dhurrie is hand woven in india and will be Great for uplifting any settings and will be a classy addition to any living space and can pair it with any modern or country interiors.

  • Cotton Rugs – Cotton Rugs | Weaving hands

    Curated from leftover fabric strips using the traditional Chindi weaving techniques from India, this stunning rug is every bit as luxurious as it is sustainable. Use this cotton braided rug on your floor —it makes a bold style statement either way. You can even use it as floor sitting for your living room, as it is smooth, soft, and ultra comfortable.

  • Cotton Rugs – Hand woven cotton rug | Weaving hands

    This cotton jute area rug has blue braided yarns with classic geometric pattern of indigo. Use of jute makes it modern , sleek and ultra durable perfect for outdoor/indoor uses. Natural highlights of jute blends comfortably with the casual look of denim and makes it very eco-friendly denim flatweave.

  • Cotton Rugs – Handwoven cotton rug | Weaving hands

    Purchase this cotton handloom rug direct from us to get the best prices and help the local economy. Invest in a piece or two for your own home, and another for gifting. This authentic Indian carpet is a great addition to your favorite space and makes an interesting conversation piece.

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