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cow leather carpet

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  • Cowhide rug | Indian rugs – Weaving hands

    Multi-colored, round, patchwork, Cowhide area rug are intricately made by hand crafted workmanship that can add a unique touch of elegance to any room or office décor. This cowhide area rug has a nice blend of diffferent colors that will blend well to the interiors of your living area. Patchwork Cow hide rugs can be can be specified in any size for rug, wall covering and upholstery applications.

  • Cows hide rug | area rugs – Weaving hands

    This cowhide leather rug brings the untamed outdoors into elegant, indoor focus. Our patchwork cowhide rug softens any living space with its gentle textures and mixed earthy hues. Rectangular patches are meticulously joined together in a warm, tonal collage, for a rug that makes any room feel like home.

Showing all 2 items