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Multi-colored, round, patchwork, Cowhide area rug are intricately made by hand crafted workmanship that can add a unique touch of elegance to any room or office décor. This cowhide area rug has a nice blend of diffferent colors that will blend well to the interiors of your living area. Patchwork Cow hide rugs can be can be specified in any size for rug, wall covering and upholstery applications.


The cow leather carpet can be used in several ways in homes and offices. Large leather rugs may effectively be used as eye catching and interesting area rugs. Another advantage of these rugs is that they are pleasant and comfortable to walk on. Many homeowners also prefer to use them as wall hangings. When used in this way, they make an attractive focal point. Cowhide rugs of small size can effectively be used as warm and cozy throws. When used in this way, they tend to give a country look to the overall space

Being made from natural animal skins, handcrafted rugs are tough and extremely durable. They resist wear and tear even when placed in areas that experience a high amount of foot traffic. Another noteworthy feature of these rugs is that their hairs don’t shed. This adds to their durability. The rugs are manufactured considering the wear and tear that they may experience. The processes used in manufacturing them ensure that they do not wear easily. With little care and maintenance, they can last for a long period of time.

The braided leather rug is extremely easy to maintain. They can be cleaned by brushing or vacuuming them occasionally. The accumulated dirt and dust can easily be removed by giving them a good shake outdoors. Being water resistant, they do not soak in stains. This makes it easy to clean spills.

Being made from natural animal skins, every leather rug tends to be unique. Animal skins have unique color markings and pattern. This feature enhances the beauty and appeal of leather rugs. The rugs made from synthetic materials and fibers lack this quality. Their patterns tend to be common and may be repeated.

Animal skin rugs look elegant and stylish. They have a timeless beauty which is hard to match. They are available in a range of designs and patterns. They may be chosen according to the theme and décor of the space.


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