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Taking its inspiration from our Natural braided Jute line, this round Jute Rug further develops the concept with circular braided natural jute. This rug is designed to go with almost any decor yet still be distinct and elegant. Our natural braided jute may vary slightly in color creating unique timeless interest. Place this rustic farmhouse rug in the bedroom, bathroom, entryway, living room, dining room, or kitchen to supply a dash of textured charm to your home.


The unique round braided rugs from Shree Sai International aren’t only available in hand-woven, but also in braided form. With the rugs from the braided collection, the looms took a break. Yarn threads are braided into plaits by machine. Our employees sew these braids by hand, spirally from the centre to the outside, into robust and beautiful rugs.

Our braided wool rug are mainly made from the natural fibre of sisal. Sisal is an exceptionally strong fibre and is therefore ideal for cooking and eating areas. A sisal rug is also recommended for entrance halls. It goes without saying that we also offer braided rugs from best quality, pure sheep’s wool. These can be used in almost every interior space. Whether it is sisal or sheep’s wool – both materials are suitable for underfloor heating.

As it can be used on both sides, the braided rug is particularly easy-care and durable. Turn the rug twice a year. This results in a self-cleaning effect. Our braided rugs are made from re-cycled cotton fiber, making them soft, color-fast, and wonderfully earth-friendly. They add warmth and comfort to any room, and are hand-made to last for many years.

While classic braided rugs have been favorites in homes since Colonial times, a quality braided rug with this combination of beauty and ease of care could only exist today. The durable, yarn-dyed polypropylene ably resists stains and color-fading. Plus, you can spot clean—or for a more thorough washing—hose down these versatile indoor/outdoor rugs with water, and then hang to dry—these all-purpose, reversible rugs are tough enough to take it. Color patterns may vary, size to size.

Braided rugs are an old colonial craft product. They are one of our earliest “green” products, because they were made from recycled cloth that was reused from worn clothing. They were traditionally made in the home for the maker’s own use.

Today, braided rugs are made with all new materials. They also come in sharp colors that match today’s fabrics. They are perfect for rooms where our decor will benefit from a “home-spun” or colonial look. Nothing says “take me back in time” like a braided area rug.


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