Wool area rugs | handloom weavers in India – Weaving hands

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Crafted this rug from best wool and hand-woven to show off a stripe gradation design in an electric hues, this striking woolen flatweave is eco-friendly and adds a refreshing touch of contemporary style to any indoor space.


Bringing warmth to your spaces. Find your expression and explore the possibilities with a leader in rugs and carpets manufacturing industry.

Discover the joy of creating. One rug at a time!

Let one of the oldest and well respected names in custom rugs manufacturing show you how! With strong roots in the city of weavers, many cities has been at the forefront of bringing technological innovations to the handmade rugs industry.

The making process of our boston wool border rug is laborious and extremely personalised. The weave begins with delicately dyeing the perfect colours to capture the nuances of the design. The yarns are then each hand knotted carefully on the warp yarns. So each spec of colour is a knot made by hand. This gives the rug a unique balance of weight and texture and pliability. These rugs are just as beautiful from the back and give testimony to the artisanal aspect of it.

Hand tufting is just as tedious a process and requires carefully dyeing of the yarns as a start. The strands of yarn are then punched into a blank canvas. With hand-operated tools, an artisan stretches the frame and then starts translating each undulated line of the graph on to the fabric frame to create these elaborately detailed designs with intricate features for everyone to appreciate. The british wool carpets are then backed with latex, trimmed and bound. And at long last, under a discerning eye, we roll, wrap it and ship it with due care for you to receive it just the way it left us and let you enjoy its company.

An ever evolving expertise and creativity amongst the weaving community. Unlike other textiles, british wool carpets are laborious and require tenacity. And this is where the weavers magically personalize every piece and weave a little bit of this rich legacy in to it. The simple shapes are fun and cozy, adding something playful to every space.


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