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These sophisticated linear woolen rugs is part of the linear signature collection. Order it as a stand alone piece or in combination to add flow and consistency to your space. Hand woven dhurries with linear patterns will change the look and feel of your home to more classy and sophisticated.


Shree Sai International know exactly what suits commercial and domestic settings. Therefore, we present the unseen variety in rugs and carpets online at our online store. Being one of the most experienced rug manufacturers in India, we can tell you how exactly to find a perfect rug for your business and home. Check out the black and white dhurrie rug and consider them while shopping for rugs and carpets online.

Behind a perfect rug purchase, there can be so many considerations and concerns of buyers. However, many of these considerations are important which include the right rug size, accurate shape, the right selection of colors, choice of the right material, and many more. Your room décor would also be a deciding factor in selecting the right rug type for your home or office.

These considerations would help you decide which type of rug would fit more for your home and which for your office. The considerations for choosing right business rug are totally different from that of rugs made for home. For example, the selection of a rug for commercial premises would include soft colors, durable material, less maintenance requiring fabric, etc. On the contrary, a rug selection for a home would depend upon the existing room décor, furniture placed in the room, wall paint, contemporary or modern setting, etc.

When you would walk up to a good rug manufacturer like SSI, you would find assistance in selecting the aptest rugs for your home as well as office. A good quality phoenix wool dhurrie rug would give comfort underfoot and would make walking and living in home more pleasant. So, ensure to buy rug that is made of natural fabric and has a smooth design. Indeed, white dhurrie rug do not require to be highly durable because they don’t bear heavy traffic as commercial rugs. Therefore, maintaining them is not an issue for anyone.


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