Dhurrie rugs | Indian rugs – Weaving hands

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Instantly upgrade your space with these machine made cotton dhurrie rugs. Crafted of soft yet sturdy wool fibers that are tightly machine-woven. These elegant geometric pattern adds timeless style to your tasks.


The dhurries online india rugs are more than just simple home décor elements. They do much more than just lie there; each rug accentuates a diverse character and theme to every home. Every masterpiece is created with signature handspun high-twist wool and silk only to help you make a statement with sheer class and elegance.The cotton dhurrie rugs India are a perfect choice to add a pop of color to your patio, porch or indoor living spaces. These hand-tufted rugs are not only beautiful, but also good for the environment as they are woven from 100% yarn which is spun from fibers made out of recycled plastic bottles. Each of these single pile rugs is serged by hand and finished with SSI’s signature anti-skid backing.

Our hand-knotted rugs are made using 100% imported wool, and what is even better, due to the hand-knotted construction, these rugs perform outstandingly in heavy traffic areas. They will provide beauty for many years to come. Each rug is open backed, allowing it to be moved easier.

the perfect complement to any indoor or outdoor space of your home. The durable fibers not only make this collection stain resistant but also tough enough to handle high traffic areas throughout your home. Bringing life to the artistry of nature and mathematical patterns that create beautiful designs with a worldly appeal. Each rug designed in a palette of soft earth tones is the perfect complement to suit both outdoor and indoor environments.

fade and heat resistant but also tough enough to handle high traffic areas throughout your home. is more than just a particular part of something. It is a collective and must be embraced in the artfulness of its completeness. Every delineation, every formed composition and construction were planned and executed with interior design in mind. Each design will change the aspect of your home with strong character, desirability, and calmness.


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