Hand Knotted– Hand tufted carpets in India | Weaving hands

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Embrace the look of the room’s interior with this touring motif border and floral pattterned design that is hand-knotted in India with persian inspired motif. A wool Hand knotted rug with the eye-catching red color scheme. And the floral design of this rectangle area rug will make the room look classier and attracts the attention of the visitors as well as it goes well with the modern as well as vintage room interiors.


A modern design in a neutral palette makes our hand knotted wool contemporary area rugs are perfect for any setting. Its blend of hand-spun bamboo silk, wool, and cotton combine to create an elevated, geometric motif. Each rug is artfully handcrafted, showcasing slight variations in texture, knots, shading, and size—which make every piece truly unique.

Since time immemorial the enduring and eternal art of pure silk rugs and carpets have captivated the imagination of mankind. The lushness, luxury and the mystic of hand-made, hand-knotted silk carpets have epitomized our love for this ageless art. For centuries now, families are known to have collected pure silk Kashmir carpets and rugs and have handed over the mantle of this treasured heirloom to the next generation. World over, museums and palaces, have an unforgettable tale behind each of the displayed Kashmir carpet or rug an extraordinary saga of every such stunning Kashmir carpet or rug with unique designs and spectacular hues and colors.

The hand knotted blue rug for this fine artistry are great adornment for living rooms, bedroom and dining rooms for your bespoke homes. Due to the fine nature of the silk fiber, the weaver (artist) can weave exceedingly high knots per square meter thus creating incomparable designs and rare motifs, and many such exquisite patterns and motifs.

We offer custom made silk carpets and rugs; that gives you complete freedom to craft an unique carpet. Our hand-knotted rugs bring unrivaled character and beauty to floors. Because they’re crafted entirely by hand, they can endure a lifetime (and beyond) of use. Quality fibers, an advanced dying process and extremely dense knot counts contribute to their longevity. Special attention is paid to the luster of the yarns, the consistency of the pile height and the preciseness of the pattern.

Unlike machine- and hand-tufted rugs, authentic hand-knotted rugs have no glued-on backing. When flipped over, a hand-knotted rug shows the same pattern as the front. The rugs can also be folded in either direction like a traditional textile, versus other rugs which require rolling for transport.


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