Hand Knotted– Hand weave carpets – Weaving hands

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Warming up the floors while setting the stage for the rest of your ensemble, this handknotted rug is an essential for nearly any room in your abode. This is a hand-knotted rug in wool from India so it’s ideal for areas with high foot traffic – especially in homes with little ones and four-legged friends running around. Its Persian-inspired pattern in sage and stone hues provides a traditional foundation for your arrangement.


Handmade in India to the highest standards the rug is soft to the touch and is extremely durable. Hand knotted wool rugs are known for its warmth & softness all over the world. Every piece is beautifully crafted by some of the finest artisans from India.The collection gives a sense of originality and innovative styling that has a comfort feel underfoot.

One of the easiest ways to spot a hand-knotted rug is to flip it over. A hand-knotted rug will not have a backing on it. The design is the same on both sides. It will look like you could turn it over and use it on either side thanks to the exquisite amount of detail from the knotting. A hand-knotted rug will likely have fringe because there is no binding on the ends of the carpet.

With a supreme style, this stunning carpet from Shree Sai International will definitely broaden your interiors’ view from usual to panoramic.

Beautiful and enduring, hand knotted woolen carpets and rugs have been the floor layer of choice for centuries. Crafted entirely by hand using techniques that date back to ancient times, hand-knotted rugs are beloved for their intricate patterns, storied past and one-of-a-kind style.

Using masterfully dyed fibers – usually wool or silk – artisans craft the rugs on a vertical loom. Vertical threads (warp threads) run from the top to the bottom of the loom and eventually become the rug’s fringe. The weaver ties precise knots horizontally across the warp to create the foundation of the rug (the welt). Each knot is tied, cut, and then tied again to fully secure the knot. Experienced weavers can tie one knot every two seconds and 10,000 knots in an eight-hour day.

Our India-based team of artisans meticulously hand-craft each rug using techniques and processes that have been developed and passed down through generations. Each rug we make is a reflection of the designer’s unique vision and the artisans’ exceptional skills. And, like all great pieces of art, each rug is one of a kind.


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