Kilim rugs and cushions – Weaving hands

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Add a piece of Eastern inspiration to your home décor with this charming and one-of-a-kind Kilim Design Throw Pillow. Its geometric design adds depth and dimension to your space and makes it easy to fit in both a living room and bedroom décor. Pair it with a solid color throw blanket within the same palette.


Made of antique rug pieces this rectangular kilim pillow and cushion covers can be perfectly combined with square kilim pillows and large turkish floor cushions or used alone, either way, a lovely oriental home decoration. Turkish Kilim Cushions are perfect for those who want handmade, unique decorative pillows for their living space decoration. Rug and Kilim are actual synonyms, these so-called Kilim (in Turkish = rug) pillows are made of rug remains on the one side and a cotton cover on the other side.

There are never two pieces of the same pillow cover. Kilim pillows are the perfect choice for a touch of oriental design in your home decoration. Even as a gift it is a perfect choice! Kilim rugs leftovers are made into Turkish Kilim pillow covers, every piece one of a kind. Many Killim pillows can be made of only one Kilim rug. Not only decorative Turkish kilim pillow but also Kilim lumbar pillows, Kilim shoes, Kilim bag, Kilim footstool, Kilim Furniture, Kilim sofa, Kilim purses, Kilim handbags can be made of Turkish Kilim pieces.

If you like colorful accents in your home décor then Turkish Kilim Pillows, especially vintage Kilim pillows are the perfect touch for a warm-spirited ambiance. A Kilim ottoman combined with a single-colored couch with a colorful Kilim pillow and maybe Kilims as a ground decoration can create a unique living room décor. Blue Kilim pillows are especially popular combined with white and beige furniture, supported by the color blue’s calmness and serenity effect. Kilim ottomans and benches, Kilim area rugs, antique Kilim pillows, vintage Kilim rugs, Kilim stool are often used as film décor in period dramas. If you are into unique décor, maybe even collecting one-of-a-kind decorations, then Kilim objects are the right choice for you.


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