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Add a touch of subtle, trendy flair to your home! In a classic Scandinavian style, these cozy Rugs exude simple elegance and prefer to rely on rustic comfort to show themselves off rather than bright colors. In addition to the timeless look and wonderful feel, the rugs in this collection are also unexpectedly durable and simple to handle! The fabrics are easy to clean and extremely resistant.


The plush rugs for living room would make a great addition to any room in the house. The plush feel and durability of this rug will make it a must for your home. Shree Sai International offers a large selection of traditionally styled, pure wool area rugs. The classic designs, plush textures and rich colors of Heritage convey an elegant look throughout room decor. Heritage rugs are hand-tufted using 100% pure wool with a strong cotton backing for a cushion-soft feel underfoot that will stand up beautifully even in busier areas of the home.

Plush carpeting is type of carpet that has a smooth texture. It soft and elegant feel makes it a pleasure to walk on barefoot. Its elegant, cozy and classic look make it a popular choice for homes and offices. It’s also favored by many homemakers for their bathrooms and living rooms flooring solutions in India. The plush rugs for sale can easily be recognized by its very smooth and dense weave. Generally, this type of carpet is much lower than any other carpet types and can be compared to cut lawn. It is rich with luxurious looks and smoothness and offers so many advantages which is why it’s one of the bestselling carpets around.

Eco-Friendly : Plush carpet in recent years is made from recycled materials. Moreover, very less energy is being used to create such carpet fibers.Texture and looks : Plush carpet is velvety smooth and soft that is often compared to cut lawn due to its short fiber and general appearance. Walking barefooted gives generous comfort. Their elegant appearance essentially fits any rooms. Plush carpet colors are rich, tight and very well emphasized.

Availability : It can be made from synthetics like nylon to all-natural materials like wool. Therefore, this carpet can be available anywhere, anytime. Easy to Maintain : Aside from the fact that Plush carpet is highly comfortable it is also very easy to maintain. Usually, it comes with certain chemicals added to the fibers to repel liquids as well as dirt and dust.


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