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Tastefully hand made, this shag area rug showcases a moroccan diamond motif for a modern pop of pattern. Neutral off-white and red hues outfit this design, ensuring it’s versatile enough to complement any color palette you pick.These shag rugs have an extremely soft hand-appeal and a lush underfoot comfort. The combination of vibrant colours and global-inspired yet uncomplicated designs complement a variety of decor by adding a touch of coziness.


With its delicate design and simplistic look, this shag area rug makes the perfect floor covering for any fashionable space. The soft and plush texture provides a luxurious texture under foot. Tassels around the edge add a playful element. Available in a wide array of colors and sizes. Make the most of your time at home with our pet-friendly and easy to clean area rugs.

A rug you can’t help but stop and stare! Perfect for a nursery, playroom, or any area needing some fun, this area rug features a circle pattern. The luxurious composition offers a soft texture under foot. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. Designed to fit seamlessly in virtually any decor scheme. Make the most of your time at home with our pet-friendly and easy to clean taskers plush rugs.

Sometimes the right rug is just the thing you need to pull your space together. Rugs add texture, warmth, and color to a room, but let’s be real—the most important quality in a rug is how soft and plush it feels under your feet. Sure, you want a rug that looks chic, but if it’s not cozy as well, you’re really just doing yourself a disservice.

All of these rugs have style in mind, but first and foremost, they’re super comfortable—as in, comfortable enough that you won’t even mind sitting on your floor. (Or sleeping there—no judgement!) And there are rugs for every budget, too—whether you want something high-end or affordable.

Enhance your floors with a plush layer of softness with Shree Sai rectangular plush rugs. Featuring an abstract, modern stripe design in neutral hues and a luxurious shag construction, it offers cozy feel with every step. The stain and fade resistant yarns are perfect for high-traffic areas.


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