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From adding the style here to a touch of texture there, wall art pulls any room together, turning houses into homes in the process. And this wall hanging adds more than just a touch of texture! Crafted from cotton and wool, it showcases an extremely lush and fluffy design rendered in a riot of monocromatic hues that’s perfect for boho abodes.


Dull walls can not only mar the overall beauty of the house but can also create a gloomy atmosphere irrespective of how good your interior is. Instead, using wall decor is a good idea for highlighting the walls and making them look attractive. You can adopt different wall décor ideas for living rooms and bedrooms. For example, your living room wall decor could be either wall hanging decor or abstract wall art India that blends well with the style of your house. Similarly, for your bedrooms, you can use mirrors as wall décor.

There is no standard style of decorating your walls as it depends on your likes and taste. You could use elegant photo frames or decorative wall mirrors or just some paintings. It could be of wood, plastic, or metal wall decor. Similarly, your home wall decor could be different from your bedroom wall decor. Without any standard rules of wall decoration, you can adorn your walls as you like.

If you live in a bungalow with high rising walls, you can hang long antique Indian wall hangings at the center of the wall for an aesthetic feel. If the style of your home is a bit contemporary, you can hang modern paintings, like the painting of Halo Buddha or Eiffel tower painting available on Shree Sai International. Similarly, if you have a traditional style of home with intricate furniture and handicrafts, you can opt for wall painting that depicts the Taj Mahal or animals, or landscape picked from SSI. However, ensure that the tone and color palette of the paintings match and are color-coordinated with the furniture.

If you are not much inclined towards arts or paintings, you can instead go for mirrors. Wall mirrors are perfect for making your house look spacious and big. It reflects the available space and thus also adds beauty to not only your walls but also your home. Wall accents can be used if you prefer minimalistic furniture and open spaces.


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