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  • Braided wool rugs | Handmade rugs – Weaving hands

    Inspired by the understated beauty of nature, this Rug features subtle striations of organic colors. Curated in India for chic areas and heavy use, this woolen rug is woven from Indian wools by master artisans in India. Its subdued colors make it an easy addition to a minimalist home or a grounding influence within a bolder design scheme.

  • Modern wool rugs | Indian rugs – Weaving hands

    Handwoven of a supersoft blend with a soft striped motif, this wool Rug rolls out to a versatile, textured accent with endless style possibilities. Perfectly crated in India, for dance parties, morning stretches and more, this soft flatweave rug is just what your room’s been looking for.

  • Traditional wool rugs | Rugs in India – Weaving hands

    Entirely handcrafted of naturally cozy materials, the Chunky Wool Rug grounds any room with rich texture. Made perfectly in India, this hand woven for resiliency in high-traffic areas, the wool fiber yarns is braided with a cotton base to create a thick, room-defining rug.

  • Wool area rugs | handloom weavers in India – Weaving hands

    Crafted this rug from best wool and hand-woven to show off a stripe gradation design in an electric hues, this striking woolen flatweave is eco-friendly and adds a refreshing touch of contemporary style to any indoor space.

  • Wool rugs 9×12 | Indian weavers – Weaving hands

    From subtle differences to bold variations, this hand woven wool rug intricately made in India, blends effortlessly wih contemporary surroundings. The broad palette and differing textures are for consumers looking for modish home décor.

  • Wool rugs 9×12 | Indian weavers – Weaving hands

    Handwoven of pure cream wool for a springy and plush feel underfoot, this Rug features a relaxed geometric pattern in calming hues, a perfect mix that adds definition and visual interest without overwhelming a room. Master artisans weave each rug by hand to ensure enduring quality.

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