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Bring a touch of retro charm to your living room or seating ensemble with this colorful round pouf! This piece is crafted from 100% cotton in a woven texture, and the pouf cover showcases a regularity of polka dots over the background in white colors that best suit your style. It’s secured within a convenient zipper closure with plush polyester fiber filling for a supported place to kick up your feet or set down a tray of snacks.


Be realistic when it comes to size! Large ottomans and poufs can be a classy statement in wide and richly decorated settings, but small models are a wiser choice with more casual décors and rooms where space isn’t a luxury. Need a compromise? Opt for a medium one. You can either match an existing color, a similar shade, or even help it stand out by creating contrast against its background

Fabric and leather are the most common types of upholstery, but you can also consider luxurious velvet or durable rattan and seagrass. Many people use the terms ottoman and pouf interchangeably; however, while each of these pieces performs effectively the same function as a low stool or footrest, they are different.

The poufs on sale is similar to an oversized pillow. It has a soft seat, no back, and typically no storage space. Poufs also sit directly on the floor with no supporting structure. Poufs are a great addition to casual living and entertainment areas. They offer better comfort for guests due to their soft texture and are available in a wider variety of eclectic styles. They are ideal for adding depth and interest to a room and complement bohemian and Scandinavian décor, but they can also add interesting texture to an industrial-style room or modern country farmhouse.

An ottoman has a firmer texture, is supported by legs or a frame, and often features a hidden storage compartment inside the seat. The round pouf ottoman offer more versatility than poufs. If you have a small den and need extra storage space, an ottoman is the better choice to help you keep the area clutter-free. Ottomans are also suitable for formal living areas, and homes decorated in a traditional or transitional style. However, sleek, minimal ottomans also look stunning paired with mid-century modern décor and urban modern style living areas.


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