Ottoman chair | Round pouf – Weaving hands

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This ottoman is a multi-purpose fashion that will add dimension, color, and style to your decor. Inspired by kilims motifs in any array of effervescent color pallet grounds any space with elegance and sophistication.


Consider a pouf for small spaces that need some color and a little extra seating. These compact items have a boho vibe and fit well in relaxed, laid-back spaces. For a more formal space, look for an ottoman, either as an accompaniment to a footrest-less couch, as a coffee table, or as part of a conversation area. Depending on material and brand, a pouf may be less expensive than an ottoman, but often that also means a smaller surface for whatever purpose the furniture is intended for.

A pouf is a perfect companion for a lounge chair. Poufs and ottomans allow you to raise your legs up and relax, and they can also function as handy extra stools by low tables. We have collected a large selection of pouf stool and ottoman in Nordic style. Take a good seat, place your legs on a pouf and enjoy!

When we are doing our home decors and especially for living rooms, we end up craving for one small thing which will bring the whole interior setup to be unified and also compliments that space. And a cute-cozy Pouf/Ottoman can do that for you. This pretty solution is available in a variety of materials, colors, and designs too. A great way to save some space and create extra seating options when having guests around is to have poufs/ottomans which can be easily moved and slide down under your coffee table or TV unit when not needed.

If you like this idea of getting poufs/ottomans then keep reading this article, we have picked some of the fancy pouf footstool and ottomans which surely grab your attention and fit perfectly in any living room. When you want to kick back and relax after a long day, an ottoman or pouf offers the perfect place to rest your feet. They are ideal space-saving pieces of furniture.

But an ottoman can be so much more than a footrest; it provides an anchor point in the center of your living area, it can become additional seating for guests or make a statement about your style.


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