An Introduction to Indian Rugs and Indian Carpets

The concept of making handmade area rugs from India started somewhere during mid 15th centaury by skilled Persian weavers brought by Mughals. Hand-Knotted Wool rugs from India were mainly produced for their palace during that period.
During the 16th, 17th and 18th century many fine Indian area rugs &carpets were woven here made of the finest sheep wool and silk, with Persian patterns.
Rugs made in India were mainly popular and liked by all during the above period but become largely commercial after the Independence of India. Hand-Knotted rugs from India become much popular in the late 19th century.

Handmade Wool Rugs from India

The right Indian rugs can make or break the décor of a room. Take a look at this style
guide that will help you make the best selection.

The right rug can make or break the décor of a room. If your rug is outdated, your room might appear as it went back in time. If the colors clash with your furniture and wallpaper, your room might feel too busy looking. Sifting through various prints, color palettes, and textures can be rather overwhelming, so we’ve taken the time to outline the top trends in Indian area rugs for homes.

Handwoven Rugs

Natural Fiber &Eco-Friendly Rugs

As more and more consumers care about the sustainability of the products they buy, there’s been an uptrend in purchases of rugs made out of organic materials. Natural fibers such as jute, coir, hemp, sisal, mohair, and cotton all lend themselves to an eco-friendlier product for the environmentally-
conscious homeowner. Indian wool rugs are made out of finest Himalayan sheep.

Outdoor Rugs

Natural Fibers like sisal, hemp, seagrass, and Jute are some very strong and high absorbent materials. They are sustainable and add lots of texture to Indian style rugs. Some Synthetic fibers like polypropylene, Plastic and polyester are also popularly used as outdoor rugs. They come in a wider range of bright colors and can be dry quickly and easily.
Of late Outdoor rugs are very much popular in various textures and variety of colors and variety are hand woven rugs from India.
Bold, Geometric Patterns
Patterns go in and out of style, but you can always count on fun, geometric shapes to be popular among the artistically abstract crowd. A rug with colorful geometric shapes can make a room fun, energetic, and exciting. Kids love the fun patterns as well homeowner. Indian style rugs suit all ages and usages.
Pop of Color
Rugs can be a beautiful centerpiece to a room by adding a simple pop of color. For example, if your room is mostly neutral colors with a hardwood floor, a single-toned area rug will stand out against the muted backdrop. Addition of Indian Pillow Covers in contrast or neutrals can create a magic. Don’t be afraid of color – try a bold blue or a playful coral to brighten the room.

Indian Area Rugs & Tassel Rugs

Going along with the all-natural look, hand-knotted rugs have a rustic, handmade feel to them. People love the fringed edges, which gives the rug a woven look. Similarly, the tassels have fun, decorative appeal.

Pale, Relaxing Colors

Seeking to create a peaceful, quiet atmosphere? A pale area rug can calm your senses. Shades such as muted lavender, pastels, light blue, and beige can transform you room into a relaxing haven. American Indian rugs are full of colors options and one can make them to suit your comfort.

Area Rugs
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