How are handmade Cotton Rugs better than machine-made rugs?

Rugs are a significant part of the interior’s decor, and their selection depends on the various qualities that they persist. Cotton rugs are one among the variety of rugs that are manufactured and supplied. As they are made from cotton that is extracted from cotton plants, it is an environmentally-friendly product that will never harm the surroundings. Two significant ways these cotton rugs are manufactured in India are handcrafted and machine-made. 

Facts of comparison – Handmade Rug v/s Machine Made Rug

To know the difference between both processes, we must dive deep inside various facts.

  • Technology – The name of the two procedures suggests the method used to produce rugs. Machinery is used to produce machine-made cotton rugs as a final product. On the other hand, the artisans design and weave the cotton with their hands to convert it into a rug.
  • Durability – The rugs weaved with hands are made with extra care, carefulness, detailed work, and uniqueness which gives them additional strength and power to make them last longer. Contrastingly, the rugs made from machines are weaved in the same pattern at a fast speed that does not provide much strength to the rugs.

            Therefore, if we compare both the rugs, we will give 9/10 votes to handmade cotton 

             Rugs for their durability.

  • Time required – As discussed above, machine-made cotton rugs take less time than handcrafted ones. The machinery works with more power and energy than hands, thus taking less time to produce the rugs in large quantities is a machine-made rug’s common feature.
  • Quality – Talking about the element of quality, we should highlight the point of durability. But other than making it more durable, the handmade rugs make us feel the warmth of the hands of those local artisans of India who dedicate their time and skills to making each piece of cotton rug. 

The quality of machine-made is not completely bad, but when we compare it with the handmade, the latter will have the upper hand.

  • Designs and Patterns – After quality, the following point that needs spotlight is the design and patterns of a cotton rug. 

           When starting designing the rug, artisans keep in mind the designs they have already  

           worked on and keep the new one fresh and unique. A very common difference 

           that can be detected easily is that anyone can find machine-made designs easily at 

           various places, but the designs that local artisans make through their hands 

           will just be found in one locality.

           Hence, in this component, the handmade cotton rugs win the game.

Why choose a Handmade cotton rug?

In the above comparison, we got to not know the facts that give us a strong indication towards choosing the handmade cotton rug. Apart from this, the following information will urge you to select a handmade rug over a machine-made one.

As the local artisans or craftsmen of India make these rugs, they represent the Indian tradition, culture, and art forms. These people are associated with particular artforms not for one or two years but for generations. 

Indian tradition cannot be summed up in one place because every place has its local art with some specialty and significance. But slowly and gradually, due to the increase in the machinery and the products made from it, the value of handmade products is decreasing at a high pace. 

People are getting attracted to the low prices of those items and are unwilling to understand the value of the pieces handcrafted with love. 

The main idea behind choosing any handmade piece should be to encourage such arts that are on the verge of extinction. Before these arts get lost somewhere, everyone should at least try to make the local artists feel their and their products’ worth.

Why choose us?

Shree Sai is a family that includes a number of people, from the owner to hand craftsmen – the manufacturers of our home furnishing items. It will become easy for you to make the right choice by looking over the following features.

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  • We produce with a customer-centric approach and make sure to satisfy them through timely delivery, quality products, and affordable prices.


So, after learning about the boons and banes of cotton rugs, we hope that we were able to put forth all the aspects of handmade Cotton Rugs in India. Sree Sai has always believed in making the best and exporting the best. 

Producing handmade items with love is our artisan’s duty, and choosing us would be your right choice. Hence, we can be a better place to buy cotton rugs online in India.

How to choose a perfect Bathroom Door Mat

A bathroom reflects your way of living life. To flaunt your style of living, you need to decorate your bathroom from the inside and outside. To give your bathroom door area a little extra care, you always require a Bathroom Door Mat, which will also provide safety to your loved ones from slipping due to the moisture from the bathroom and the person. If you lay a Bathroom Door Mat, it will also provide a pretty look to the bathroom entrance and assurance of safety.   

Qualities for a flawless door mat.

Whenever you buy a bathroom door mat, the first thing you need to focus on is its quality. It must be durable and comfortable. Here are some more points to keep in mind while purchasing it.


The first quality you should consider is safety. Always prefer a Bathroom Door Mat with great friction so that it will not move to and fro and, when stepped, does not give the feel of a flying sparrow.

Absorptive Quality

If the door mat is not good absorbent, then it will make the floor slippery, and people will fall. Make sure to choose a mat with a high absorbing capacity to maintain cleanliness around it and create a hygienic environment. 


Home decor is most important for every person in this world as it reflects your living style. Therefore, choose a mat according to home interiors, like the color of walls, tiles, or bathroom design, and it will enhance the look of your bathroom entrance. 

Comfort and Structure

Always check the structure (correctly knitted) and material(cotton is the best choice) of the mat to give a feeling of relaxation and warmth to anyone and everyone. Size must be considered according to the place, and it must be easy to wash. Our artisans created handmade bathroom door mats to provide it with the best structure and comfort. You can easily get it at 

Why choose a Handmade Bathroom Door Mat?

A Hand-Knitted Bathroom Door Mat is the perfect idea to affix some natural touch to your bathroom Door. A Connection between nature and art always keeps us in a good mood. 

India is well-known for its traditional art.

It has earned appreciation worldwide for its incredible richness in culture, traditions, customs, art, and craft. India has a lot of hidden talent in its artistry and craftsmanship.

To bring light to these talents, we should appreciate and provide opportunities to these artisans by procuring their products. This will help them to revitalize their lost career. And also in this way we can promote products made in India all around the world. 

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  • We provide beautifully Hand-Knitted Bathroom Door Mats.
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  • It is  finely cotton made, which is of high quality and always checked. 
  • It will offer you comfort every time you step on it.
  • You will get satisfaction after trying our talented people’s work. 


The bathroom Door Mat is essential as it enhances the beauty of your home and reflects the good qualities of your lifestyle. Our expert Artisans place every quality in a balanced way required for a premium bathroom door mat. This is a basic need, and one should consistently implement it out of your bathroom. Shree Sai International provides a beautiful, soft, cozy, and reliable door mat. Grab it at discount rates and give it a try!