Why Handmade Ottoman Sofa Is Considered Best For An Interior?

Can you imagine your interior without a sofa or a comfortable puffy? I think the answer is no.

Ottoman sofas are an essential part of any interior or exterior space to provide a comfy and relaxing setting for everyone. Whether it is a home, an office, a mall, a cafe, a restaurant, etc. every place demands a perfect seat.

There are varieties of Poufs and sofas available in the market – couch, classic Poufs, corner sofa, foldable storage ottoman, Ottoman sofa, recliners, armchairs, and many more. 

What is Ottoman Sofa?

It is a type of sofa that does not have a back and arms and are best for the space you love to spend time in. Whether it is a living room, bedroom, balcony, lobby, or office, they will fit the way you want. 

There is a wide range of ottoman sofas that can be selected by knowing some facts.

How To Select An Appropriate Ottoman Sofa For Furnishing Your Space?

The selection of any furnishing item for a space is not easy. There are various factors on which this choice depends. To find out those factors let’s look over some points below.

  • Space available – The primary factor on which the choice of furniture depends is the space of a place. 
    • If the area is large then along with a big round or L-shaped sofa, a small-sized ottoman can also be included.
    • If the area is neither too large nor too small, it can be accommodated with a modular sofa with an ottoman and center table.
    • Last but not least if any area is small then one can place just ottomans with a table or a single sofa with ottoman, for a better look and accommodation.
  • Choice of fabric – Different kinds of fabrics is used to manufacture sofas or poufs. It can be cotton, silk, leather, leatherette, etc.
  • Size and shape – These ottoman sofas come in various shapes and sizes – rectangle, circle, square, and half donuts that can be fitted under an open center table.

Why Choose The Ottoman?

  • These sofas are the best to fit in everywhere and anywhere.
  • Being multi-purpose in nature, they can be used to sit, a storage box and a coffee table, the ones that are low agave height and do not have storage space, can be used as a footrest too. Thus, these ottomans can be used according to your requirement.  
  • There is no particular space that they are made to place because their size and design can be adjusted to the place you like – bedroom, Living room, guest room, office, conference room, etc. 
  • They look good with every wall color and every wall design. 
  • These can be manufactured in various designs, patterns, and of different materials 

Why Choose Us? 

At Shree Sai International we manufacture home furnishing products but do you know who makes them?

Our local craftsmen.

The main idea behind starting this brand of home furnishing products was to encourage the art and craft of India and the artisans who use them to make beautiful items. 

With the increasing use of types of machinery, handmade stuff is at the point of extinction.

People are getting attracted to the prices of those items and are leaving the beauty of handcrafted items and the hard work of craftsmen behind. 

Before these arts get lost somewhere, everyone should give a chance to local artists and their products’ to outshine. The handmade items not only represent the beautiful designs but also the Indian tradition, culture, and art forms. To bring the idea of using hand-produced stuff back and give them the recognition they deserve, we manufacture and supply the best of the work

Along with encouraging the craftsmen, some other reasons can one can focus on before choosing us – 

  • We believe in encouraging and supporting the artisans financially and emotionally to help them showcase their art and craft.
  • 35+ years of experience in manufacturing and exporting handmade home furnishing products.
  • With 600+ craftsmanship, our artisans have produced more than 3000 products in the home furnishing range.
  • We produce with a customer-centric approach and make sure to satisfy them through timely delivery, quality products, and affordable prices.

Whenever you think about buying an ottoman, then you should keep the above-mentioned points in mind. The material used, the size, quality, color, and design according to your choice. At Shree Sai International we always keep note of the quality that our clients demand and provide them with the best of our Ottoman designs.  

How Will Handmade Cushion Covers Give a More Beautiful Look?

Cushion covers enhance the look of the plain cushions, sofa, and entire interior as it is said that the first impression is the last. It applies in the case of the cushions also. Whenever anyone sees the cushions, they do not focus first on their inner quality of them, and they rather look over their covers – the designs, prints, and patterns used to create thyme.

Generally, two types of covers are available in the market based on the method used to create them – Handmade or machine-made. 

Both are different in their ways, but one can understand the uniqueness of the handmade cushion cover. 

Why is Handmade Better Than Machine-made?

Handmade Cushion Covers

Handmade cushion covers have that specialty that machine-made do not. The primary reason buying the former one comes to mind is that they are crafted by hand. Mere listening to this quality creates an image of something cozy and made with hard work. 

The local artisans of India try to sustain their traditional art by reflecting them through creating their respective products.

Various benefits will make sure you understand the reality of the importance of handmade products.

Benefits of Handmade Cushion Covers. 

  • Fine stitching – See both the covers; one will find that the handmade one is more finely stitched with no leftover thread.
  • Detailed work – It can be noticed in the handmade overs that every single stitch, every bead used to decorate it.
  • Unique designs – The designs, prints, and patterns that the local artisans use are completely different and unique, with no copying condition. 
  • Durability – Our mothers and grandmothers used to stitch cushion covers, stuffed toys, and bags back then, and if we see their condition today, they will look the same. Even if they have been kept somewhere in the store, they will give a feel as if they were made yesterday.

Thus, in the same way, the durability of the cushion covers handcrafted by the artisans will give your customers a long lifespan.

  • Emotions attached – Last, the emotions and feelings while purchasing handmade items are incomparable. When we recognize that something is handmade, the one feels elated and stuck to it. It gives a special touch to the cushion covers.

Designs and Patterns are Available With Us.

  • Multi-colored lining pattern – These beautifully designed and crafted lining designs with a variety of colors will match any of your sofa covers and bedsheets. Following the trend of multi-shades in one place, our artisans have manufactured stylish cushion covers for our clients.
  • All over geometric design – The symmetric designs of these cushion covers give a balanced look to the sofas. These covers are soft and comfortable that provide both the benefits – one that of convenience and a great look.  
  • Kilim designs – The traditional art of kilim is what our artisans are trying to deliver. The combination of fresh designs of covers and traditional art forms is the specialty of Shree Sai. Geometric kilim patterns on cushion covers will provide a required look to the interior.  

Why Choose Us?

Shree Sai is a team that has not become a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier because of owners but because of our local artisans’ dedication, creativity, and hard work. 

  • We believe in motivating and embracing the artisans financially and emotionally so they can endeavor to make our culture, tradition, and arts and crafts survive till the end.
  • With 35+ years of experience in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying handmade home furnishing products, we have tried to improve our manufacturing and management policies to provide upgraded products.
  • With 600+ craftsmanship, our artisans have produced more than 3000 products in the home furnishing range.
  • Producing with a customer-centric approach and ensuring to convince them through timely delivery, quality products, and affordable prices is a significant purpose of our business.

We hope that getting to know about the making process, the outcome, and why one should choose handmade cushion covers was exciting and connecting. The Shree Sai family works for its clients by considering them a part of this family.

How are handmade Cotton Rugs better than machine-made rugs?

Rugs are a significant part of the interior’s decor, and their selection depends on the various qualities that they persist. Cotton rugs are one among the variety of rugs that are manufactured and supplied. As they are made from cotton that is extracted from cotton plants, it is an environmentally-friendly product that will never harm the surroundings. Two significant ways these cotton rugs are manufactured in India are handcrafted and machine-made. 

Facts of comparison – Handmade Rug v/s Machine Made Rug

To know the difference between both processes, we must dive deep inside various facts.

  • Technology – The name of the two procedures suggests the method used to produce rugs. Machinery is used to produce machine-made cotton rugs as a final product. On the other hand, the artisans design and weave the cotton with their hands to convert it into a rug.
  • Durability – The rugs weaved with hands are made with extra care, carefulness, detailed work, and uniqueness which gives them additional strength and power to make them last longer. Contrastingly, the rugs made from machines are weaved in the same pattern at a fast speed that does not provide much strength to the rugs.

            Therefore, if we compare both the rugs, we will give 9/10 votes to handmade cotton 

             Rugs for their durability.

  • Time required – As discussed above, machine-made cotton rugs take less time than handcrafted ones. The machinery works with more power and energy than hands, thus taking less time to produce the rugs in large quantities is a machine-made rug’s common feature.
  • Quality – Talking about the element of quality, we should highlight the point of durability. But other than making it more durable, the handmade rugs make us feel the warmth of the hands of those local artisans of India who dedicate their time and skills to making each piece of cotton rug. 

The quality of machine-made is not completely bad, but when we compare it with the handmade, the latter will have the upper hand.

  • Designs and Patterns – After quality, the following point that needs spotlight is the design and patterns of a cotton rug. 

           When starting designing the rug, artisans keep in mind the designs they have already  

           worked on and keep the new one fresh and unique. A very common difference 

           that can be detected easily is that anyone can find machine-made designs easily at 

           various places, but the designs that local artisans make through their hands 

           will just be found in one locality.

           Hence, in this component, the handmade cotton rugs win the game.

Why choose a Handmade cotton rug?

In the above comparison, we got to not know the facts that give us a strong indication towards choosing the handmade cotton rug. Apart from this, the following information will urge you to select a handmade rug over a machine-made one.

As the local artisans or craftsmen of India make these rugs, they represent the Indian tradition, culture, and art forms. These people are associated with particular artforms not for one or two years but for generations. 

Indian tradition cannot be summed up in one place because every place has its local art with some specialty and significance. But slowly and gradually, due to the increase in the machinery and the products made from it, the value of handmade products is decreasing at a high pace. 

People are getting attracted to the low prices of those items and are unwilling to understand the value of the pieces handcrafted with love. 

The main idea behind choosing any handmade piece should be to encourage such arts that are on the verge of extinction. Before these arts get lost somewhere, everyone should at least try to make the local artists feel their and their products’ worth.

Why choose us?

Shree Sai is a family that includes a number of people, from the owner to hand craftsmen – the manufacturers of our home furnishing items. It will become easy for you to make the right choice by looking over the following features.

  • We believe in encouraging and supporting the artisans financially and emotionally to help them showcase their art and craft.
  • 35+ years of experience in manufacturing and exporting handmade home furnishing products.
  • With 600+ craftsmanship, our artisans have produced more than 3000 products in the home furnishing range.
  • We produce with a customer-centric approach and make sure to satisfy them through timely delivery, quality products, and affordable prices.


So, after learning about the boons and banes of cotton rugs, we hope that we were able to put forth all the aspects of handmade Cotton Rugs in India. Sree Sai has always believed in making the best and exporting the best. 

Producing handmade items with love is our artisan’s duty, and choosing us would be your right choice. Hence, we can be a better place to buy cotton rugs online in India.

Ultimate Guide On Rug Manufacturers India

Pulling back one from the archives today because you might well have only come across this blog and two, it’s great all of the time to recap on some design thoughts for your homes. Rugs are a significant aspect of making a spectacular home & deserve a second mention don’t you think?

You wouldn’t have the difficulty of choosing your best outfit for a night out and afterwards go barefooted. It’s a similar standard with rugs. Shoes complete an outfit and, in some instances, will actually outshine what you’re wearing, assuming you need them to that is. It’s something similar to rugs. They can be a distinct advantage on how a room looks & feels.  Rugs if brought from the right rug manufacturers india, can either sit in agreement with your room, or like this fab living space beneath, they can make a statement by adding a component of shock & surprise, & I for one, love surprises!

Ultimate Guide On Rug Manufacturers India



First up, corridors. They can have the tendency to be dead, unpleasant spaces. So what better method to liven them up than with a rug.  One reason you might need to consider a rug in your lobby is that it can make a visual pathway that attracts the eye to any associating room. This implies you can have a great time & introduce texture, patterns & colours with your selected rug brought from rugs manufacturer in India. Despite the fact that you’ll have to consider how your scheme flows into associating rooms. Add warmth and character to passages, & corridors so they don’t become dead spaces. A hall runner made from your stair carpet is an incredible method for making a durable look and feel to your corridors. By placing comparative style/colored rugs in interfacing spaces, you unify and make a visual association between the two rooms. This, in turn, makes each room stream starting with one then onto the next as your eye is attracted starting with one space then onto the next. This works admirably well in neutral and/or insignificant spaces.

Ultimate Guide On Rug Manufacturers India


Rugs from rugs manufacturer in India are the ideal solution for sound absorption particularly if you have tiled/hardwood/floors in your homes & are extraordinary for flats/apartments.


Calculating and layering a copy rug on top of another has made a component out of the seating region in this open-plan space. So if you are struggling to find a rug enormous enough to guarantee it doesn’t seem as though it’s a little fish swimming in the ocean with regards to your seating regions, choosing area rug manufacturers will be more by presenting the layered effect. It’ll make a greater impact than one enormous rug.


Rugs manufacturer India not only provide a look great for walls where you may need a little bit of extra help in absorbing sound from adjoining rooms but are also as a decorative element.


When choosing your rug look towards other elements of your design scheme, such as color. If the rug you select has an detail of your layout scheme, it’s going to assist reinforce, and create a extra cohesive experience and appearance on your room. Rugs truly are vital to growing a well-dressed room.


The trouble with open plan areas is that your furnishings can appearance a chunk misplaced just like a ship at sea. Use rugs to enhance regions in the area with rugs. They’re wonderful at zoning off areas and anchoring your furnishings. Oh, and that custom rug manufacturers assist take in sound that’s a need in huge open areas.

Ultimate Guide On Rug Manufacturers India


If you need to be courageous and use a sample there’s no higher manner than introducing it via a rug. Rugs also are a tremendous manner to introduce styles to impartial areas and offer your room with a feel of individual and personality.


With its rustic colour palette that compliments the rest of this space, rugs can accentuate the style of a room and feel like this fab boho living room where the custom rug manufacturers actually adds some depth and warmth.


Talking about texture, rugs today are being designed more and more with a 3 dimensional quality to them such as this beauty.

A Simple Guide On Pouf & How Can They Fit Into Your Design

Ottomans and poufs don’t just have pretty names but on the other hand, are also making headlines in the field of design for the best & a perfect reason. Poufs and ottomans, both of these pieces of furniture are highly versatile & simple to use in your home, where they can work alone or in products to add surface and pattern to an area. 

What is a Pouf?

A pouf is an enormous, solid cushion that is regularly situated on the ground surrounded by different pieces of furniture. They are a versatile accent piece that is ideal for any room in your home. To an ever-increasing extent, poufs are appearing in interior design as an inconspicuous yet stylish way to bring a room together. And, poufs are an incredible piece of reasonable furniture for rooms that will be visited a great deal, such as living rooms, nurseries, and bedrooms. 

What is the Difference Between a Pouf and an Ottoman?

Many individuals are confused about what is the function of a pouf? Basically, What is the main motive to buy a sitting pouf? They often get compared to ottomans because both of them have similar uses. And keeping in mind that their uses can overlap, for example, they can be sat on, poufs & ottomans are different furniture items that are intended to be utilized for various things. For example, certain individuals pick to involve ottomans in lieu of a coffee table, however, poufs wouldn’t work well in that role.

How Might Poufs be Incorporated into Your Home Design?

Poufs are highly practical design components. That is mainly because of several reasons:

1. They are versatile

2. They can squeeze into any room

3. They can mix in, stand out, & complement your design

Have you ever considered getting a pouf for someplace in your home, however you weren’t quite sure what you can manage it? Assuming we should go somewhat more profound into why they are so helpful for a design.

Poufs are Versatile

Poufs are a versatile piece of furniture that can integrate your room easily. Poufs are amazing in that they are solid, yet delicate, & in this way, they can be utilized in a wide range of ways. Poufs can work as a chair, footrest, an additional tabletop, & much more relying on where they are found. One more extraordinary unique thing about them is that they are for the most part matched with something different. Comfortable poufs aren’t intended to replace one more of furniture like ottomans can do at times. They are intended to be an embellishment that can combine with a wide range of things in your space, so they don’t detract from existing furniture however add to it.

Different Shapes and Sizes

It probably won’t seem like it, however not all furniture pieces are intended to squeeze into any design, literally and allegorically. If something doesn’t fit spatially, it will stick out contrast to everything else. & that additionally applies to poufs. Despite the fact that they are moderately little, they can throw off a design in the event that not treated as expected. Since they are a frill, it is even more necessary for them to literally fit into your design flawlessly. If your best poufs for sitting is too large for the area it’s expected to go in, it can look awkward & unnatural, which is the specific inverse of how a pouf should look. 

Poufs Can Blend In Or Stand Out

Modern Poufs aren’t just versatile in their utility. They are also flexible in their genuine design. Regardless of what your style is, there are poufs that are intended to fit it perfectly. Assuming you need a textile pouf, you can track down them in a variety of weaves & colours. If you are more into raw materials, they come in leather, faux leather, suede, & much more. 

Conclusion Sturdy Poufs are an extraordinary & unique accessory that can tie a room, & design, together. Whenever it’s the ideal opportunity for you to observe a pouf that’s ideal for your home, however sure to find the best shape, size, & colour to supplement your design & tie it together. They also come in various colours so they can mix in with your colour scheme or be a genuine accent piece & add a pop of colour to your space.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Rug, Carpets, and Dhurries in Your Life?

Handmade durries, rugs, and carpets both are used for decorating floors and room surfaces. These are the best option to provide beauty and full protection for marble floors as well as for wooden floors. Constructing the home floor is a very difficult task. You cannot change your floor every year or within 10 years. So use a handmade area carpet or dhurrie to protect your expensive floor tiles. Most people just want to know the actual difference between handmade carpets and dhurries.

An area rug is quite affordable and is a one-time investment. The carpet industry needs more care and manpower to install. While with Rugs in India, roll it up and move to any area, spilling something? Just follow easy cleaning instructions. A rug looks great anywhere: Bedrooms, Living room, Patio, Kitchen, Nursery, Hallways. Rugs also have a long life, so you can bring your mind to ease if you are worried that they might wear off easily.

Difference between Rugs, Carpets, and Dhurries:

Carpets and area rugs are quite similar in their qualities. Moreover, they are widely used together. A rug is just a smaller version of a carpet and many places have a Rug laid on a wall-to-wall carpet. The intriguing colors and textures of an Area Rug are the most appealing part. 

In short, a floor covering that is applied wall-to-wall is commonly called a carpet, while rugs are area-specific and movable. Dhurries are of Indian origin and basically refer to floor coverings that are flat-woven.

A few of the reasons to invest in a floor covering would be

Add Classic elegance to your decor

A classic rug matching the furniture and décor of the room can make a bedroom look royal and channel old-world charm. Wool and silk rug with classic motifs is the easiest and most elegant choice where you can never go wrong.

Make your space look bigger

A trick that architects and interior designers often use to make a room look bigger is by choosing to put in stripes in the décor. 

Add an abstract feel to your space

If your bedroom feels a little boring to you – go shop for an abstract rug. A unique design will instantly make your room pop out and drown out the dull. 

Anchor your minimalist look

If your décor philosophy is, less is more than the only must-have in your bedroom is a neutral tone rug that eliminates the need for any other décor piece.

Grace your galleries and hallways

If you aren’t able to make up your mind about committing to Indian area rugs then try your hand at a runner first. You can place it on the side of the bed or at the end of it, or even underneath with just the sides coming out a little. 

Layer in style

By layering your rugs, you can use your smaller rugs in bigger settings and completely transform the décor of your rooms. Our advice is to start with a good base rug.

Make your office space come alive

It’s been months since our homes turned into proxy offices and it looks like the concept of work from home is here to stay. One thing that has been on many of our minds since work from home became an integral part of our lives is to turn that mundane desk in the corner of the house into a functional and inspiring home office that inspires creativity and productivity. 

Cozy choices for the kid’s room

Decorating a kid’s room can be fun, but the choices can be overwhelming. The first thing to get out of the way is getting the measurement right. Kids generally have small beds, but a lot of other paraphernalia in the room so make sure that you choose a slightly larger size rug, which gives them a larger surface to goof around on. 

An artisan’s blessing in your home

Each handmade rug is a unique work of art. No two handmade rugs can be alike even if the design is similar. So, what you are essentially bringing home is not just a home décor product, but an art piece that you can walk on. 

Multiple benefits of rugs

While looking for the perfect handmade rugs in India for your home you will come across several materials. The choice of the right rug material will go a long way in defining the look of the room. 

Makes a long-lasting gift

A hand-knotted rug by Shree Sai international, made up of over two million knots tied one by one, over months on a loom set up in rural India is one of the most special gifts for this festive season.

In some cultures, a rug is a symbol of prosperity and a way to bless a family with long-term happiness and wealth. 

Thank you!

Decorate Your Home with Ottoman

When we are doing our home decors particularly for living rooms, we wind up longing for something little which will carry the entire interior arrangement to be brought together & furthermore compliments that space. And an adorable comfortable Pouf/Ottoman can do that for you. This lovely solution is available in an assortment of materials, colours & designs as well. An incredible method for saving some space & making additional seating choices while having guests around is to have pouffes/ottomans which can be easily moved and slid down under your coffee table or TV unit when not required. Ottomans are extraordinary for when you need to apply the last touch to a room’s decor. The generally little size of the ottoman makes it exceptionally simple for you to change its area in the home according to your inclination. Accessible in various colours & sizes, ottomans are incredible for giving that unique touch to your room. You can likewise diminish the messiness in your room by putting away things in the ottoman storage.

6 Thinking of placing the ottoman in the living room?

Assuming you are confused about the ottoman placements at home, follow these tips without ruining the insides: 

1. Using it as a Footstool 

When regards to putting the ottoman in your living room, there are a lot of ways of getting it done. One method for organizing the ottoman viably in the living room is to involve it as a stool. Place it in front of your couch at an ideal distance so that you can lay your feet on it and unwind.

2. Placing it in front of the TV

Setting the ottoman before your TV is one of the ways of improving your living room. You can involve it as a mixed drink table as well. Or on the other hand, assuming that you are somebody who likes to stare at the TV and sip a drink after a long day at work, you can involve the ottoman as your make-shift bar table. 

3. Use it as a Decorative Piece

Assuming you have a lovely, attractive ottoman, you can utilize it to complement the style of your room by mixing it with the other furnishings. Test and enliven with the ottoman to upgrade the appeal of your living room.

4. Place the Ottoman by the Bed 

You can put the ottoman by the bed and use it as a side table. The ottoman will store all your additional blankets, pillows, & covers. You can likewise keep your laptop on/in the Ottoman rather than the bed to avoid rolling onto it in your rest. 

5. Use it as an Extra Storage Space

If you want a touch of additional extra room to store trinkets and clear the messiness, putting an ottoman in the bedroom is really smart. Aside from the above situations, the adaptability of the ottoman makes it viable with pretty much every room in your home.

6. Ottoman as a Coffee Table 

Assuming that your ottoman has unpredictable examples on the top, simply utilize a tray to keep your coffee mug on it. Apart from involving it as a coffee table, you can likewise utilize the ottoman with a coffee table if you want more space.


All decor and outfitting things are remarkable however some are only that little bit more marvellous than others and ottomans and pouffes are no exception! Ottomans should never just be consigned only for use in the living room they give adequate usefulness and magnificence in any room they are put, for example, this exquisite changing area. Adding an ottoman into this space has given seating as well as a spot to rest the rooms ephemera & style pretty as picture vignettes that make certain to make the client grin! For current homes, what is better compared to choosing stylish and helpful, such as these metal, legged cushioned pouffe/ ottomans. You can put them with your sofa to create versatile living room seating. It is a great choice assuming you are going to fall short on a financial plan.

Can you sit on a pouf ottoman?

Yes, you can spend the majority of your time on pouf sitting. If you’re unsure, consult our guide, which details how each type of ottoman can support its weight. Continue reading! The greatest ottomans will support your weight – this is one of the primary characteristics of a high-quality piece of furniture. However, certain cautions must be considered. 

If you’ve ever shattered an ottoman’s lid, you may have developed an irrational phobia of sitting on one. It occurs to the very best of us. However, it is not your fault. Indeed, not every device is designed to be sat on – this should be obvious. As a homeowner who welcomes guests, it is your responsibility to provide a comfortable space to your guest to sit on.

Let’s see if you can sit on a pouf ottoman.

The great majority of poufs on the Shree Sai International market are roughly 20′′ by 15′′ in size. It’s ideal for sitting poufs like a stool or chair, with your feet flat on the floor. Otherwise, the structure might not be able to withstand heavy use. After all, these devices are primarily intended to be used as a footrest.

Finally, referring to the manufacturer’s description may be beneficial. It is necessary to specify the maximum weight. Smaller units are more likely to sustain heavy use.

What Is A Pouf’s Purpose?

A pouf is a versatile and attractive piece of accent furniture. Shree Sai International Poufs are popular in living rooms, outdoor patios, nurseries, and other public areas. A pouf is a one-of-a-kind floor cushion that can be used as additional sitting, a footrest, or a decorative focal point in a room. Poufs can double as a side table for books, plants, small objects, or a snack. Rather than using a typical coffee table, a trio of poufs might be used instead. Pair a pouf chair or sofa, or use it to create a retreat for a pet in a corner. An excellent pouf would be useful in both small and large areas.

A pouf seating is not a true ottoman because they are flat on the floor, lack legs, and have no concealed storage area. Depending on the design and material, pouf seating and ottomans from Shree Sai International can be used as a footrest, seating, or an informal table.

Are Poufs Comfy?

Poufs are a comfortable and luxurious alternative to couches and chairs. Comfortable poufs from Shree Sai International are constructed of textured knit fabric, faux fur, or velvet. Most poufs are soft. However, leather poufs are stiffer. Poufs have been a trendy accent furniture element for hundreds of years, so they are comfortable. 

Do People Use Poufs?

Poufs can be used as seats and are not just for adornment. Poufs are used as supplementary seating in various areas or to enjoy a meal around a low table. Poufs are a great way to set an atmosphere, enhance the decor, and are comfortable. Moroccan patterns are frequently geometric and fashioned of leather. A popular pouf shape comprises thick cable knitted material that lets you sink in during your free time. Poufs are great inside and outdoor seating options.

How Much Weight Can an Ottoman Hold?

The Best poufs for sitting Load capacity is determined by the unit’s size and shape as well as its construction. Many ottomans can support up to 200, 330, or even 660 pounds — that’s enough to support an ordinary adult (or even two.) As a result, you should know the maximum weight capacity of your ottoman before purchasing (it’s specified in the description.)

Can you sit on a pouf ottoman?
What is contained within an ottoman?

With a little creative thinking, your ottoman can serve a variety of purposes you may not have anticipated.

  • Stool for the feet We’ll begin with the ottoman’s most typical function.
  • Additional concealable seats.
  • Table de café.
  • Additional space for storing.
  • Benches for beds.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Transformation of a sofa bed.
How should Poufs be positioned in a room?

If you intend to use the ottoman to store living room accessories, it can be placed almost anywhere – next to the sofa, in the corner of the room, or next to the entertainment system. If you’re utilizing the ottoman as a statement piece, place it in the middle of your sitting pouf arrangement to create the illusion of a coffee table.

As previously stated, you almost probably can sit on the majority of ottomans. However, always adhere to the manufacturer’s indicated weight limit and avoid exceeding it. Additionally, you can enhance the capacity of this container by filling it with books or other sturdy materials that may provide additional support.

Important Changes to be made in Harmonized System of Nomenclature Code from 1st January, 2022

Shree Sai T/A Weavinghands Rugs Pvt Ltd, a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality home furnishing aesthetic items in India, is highly focused in providing accurate and timely information to our all importers whose interest lies with us.

Being a certified trademark company, we believe in creating an atmosphere for our clients around the world where they strongly feel connected and respected. While product standardisation has become a crucial part of our economy, we must abide and follow the guidelines as and when released/updated by the government.

Concerning a likewise important information, Shree Sai International would like to share something important with regard to changes by WCO in its 7th edition of Harmonized System Nomenclature codes to made with respect from 1st January 2022. It is undertaken to increase the harmony and standardised identification of goods across the globe.

1. Effective Date: 1st January 2022.
2. Number of amendments: 351 Amendments.
3. Areas of amendment: HSN Codes – few descriptions are divided into several codes, retaining the old ones. For some, only few digits are changed.

4. Impact : Impact on trade :-
a) Huge impact for certain chapters in terms of customs duties and taxes.
b) The Lot of Existing exemption notifications may require changes to be incorporated.
c) Expected Issues in GST Classification since Chapter Headings are from Customs Tariff.

Technical impact :-

a) Changes to be incorporated as and when the notifications are published in the customs clearance software communicating with Icegate.
b) Customs (including EDI and Customs Officers) may take time to assess the BoE with new codes, as it would require more understanding and attention to implement the changes.
c) Delays may lead to detention and demurrages.

5. Recommendations : For importers :

a) For Sea freight movements, If importers haven’t got the shipment dispatched & if possible push the dispatch by few days till successful incorporation of amendments in the systems.
b) Check with your Brokers the new changes in HS Codes and respective % of duty.
c) Empower the brokers with pre-alerts as much advance as possible to have time to discuss the changes & file accurate declarations with customs.

For Customs Brokers :

a) Ensure thorough study of the changes.
b) Ensure to be upgraded always with the amended notifications.
c) Ensure the software is upgraded with latest HSN Codes and Notifications.

For further inquiry on this subject, contact the customs clearance experts in your region.

Thank You
Shree Sai T/A Weavinghands Rugs Pvt Ltd

How To Use a Pouf Ottoman?

The pouf ottoman is a multipurpose piece of furniture that can be circular, cylindrical, or cube-shaped. It’s commonly used for extra sitting, but it can also serve as a table and a footrest. You might not realize, though, how many other benefits a pouf can bring to your house. When it comes to accent furniture, we’re typically far more daring than when it comes to large items like the sofa. The multi-faceted Wooden ottoman from Shree Sai International can enhance your home. Poufs are versatile, timeless furniture elements that offer utility, personality, color, and design to any home! See how to use poufs ottoman in your house, including some you might not have considered! Poufs can be used in a variety of ways.

1. It can be used as a footrest

You don’t have a chaise on your couch? It’s no problem. You may use a pouf Ottoman as a footrest for any seat in your living area. Because they’re light and portable, you can quickly slide them around your living room or even move them from place to place as needed. 

In your nursery, use a pouf as a footrest for your rocking chair or glider.

2. Additional Seating

Let’s start with the most obvious application for these tiny gems: additional chairs! Some poufs fold neatly beneath the coffee table and may be pulled out as needed. Others are far more than just “additional” seating. They are ideal for compact locations because they provide essential seating!

3. Add a Touch of Uniqueness

A wooden ottoman is a terrific way to bring a personal touch to a space. They’re adaptable, easy to move from room, and come in a variety of price points. Living room ottoman is simple to change up as your tastes evolve. 

Find a pouf ottoman from Shree Sai International that reflects your personal style, whether it’s through color, pattern, texture, or a sprinkling of glitter.

4. Solution for a Side Table

Wooden ottoman works well as tables. Place one or two of these multipurpose pieces in a dining area, and they’ll quickly become useful surfaces for trays, plates, and other necessities. 

Many poufs are made of woven, braided, or crocheted materials. Because of their softness, they are ideal for children’s bedrooms. Use them to store books, toys, and other objects that active kids love and use on a regular basis.

5. As a bench for the entryway.

Is there no mudroom? Put a pouf ottoman near your entryway to make it easier to put on and take off shoes. When not in use, put something under a console table.

6. Make a Perch for Your Pets

Do you have a pet that refuses to leave the sofa? With a dedicated pouf that’s all theirs, they may focus their passion for human furniture.

7. Storage 

Here’s a brilliant idea. Many people don’t realize it, but Amazon Ottoman is an excellent tool for concealing storage. At the bottom of the pouf, there is a zipper that you can quickly unzip to hide money, jewels, or any other little items you want to keep secret. You can also keep clothes or comforters on a storage ottoman. Simply remove a portion of the filling and shove it in! It’s a super-convenient and simple way to keep things hidden.

8. The Importance of an Outdoor Lounge

You can utilize this comfy furniture to improve your outdoor lounge thanks to a new generation of outdoor-safe poufs!

Shree Sai International Poufs Ottoman has the ability to bring an earthy aspect to your outdoor space, making them ideal for the current exotic style trend, which shows no signs of fading. The Pouf Ottoman doubles as a seat and a side table!

What to Look for in a pouf ottoman for Your Home?

Poufs exist in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes, owing to their adaptability. Based on the functions you require from this piece of furniture, you should select one or more. If you mostly want extra seating in front of the TV, for example, you might choose a larger, softer pouf that allows you to sink into it as soon as you sit down. If you want to use it as an end table most of the time, choose a firmer pouf ottoman with enough stability to retain items on its top, such as this strong, multicolor pouf. 

It’s time to pick a colored material for your pouf ottoman now from Shree Sai International, as you know how firm or soft it should be. Consider which room the pouf will spend the most time in and select a color and pattern that complements the rest of the decor. Consider the room’s decor when you choose the fabric for your pouf. If you’re going to utilize the pouf in a parlor that’s more for show than everyday usage, a rich material like silk or velvet is a good choice. However, if you anticipate that the pouf will be used frequently throughout its time in a comfy, casual family room, use a material that is simple to wash, such as cotton or faux leather.