5 Checks you must do before Buying Rugs

Have you ever done the mistake of buying rug or cheap carpet only to dislike it when you arrive at your home?. You end up throwing it in the store or having to endure the disappointment of putting it on your floor and stepping on it. What a waste of money?.
While buying rugs and carpets is not something that is done more often with some people only shopping for them a few times in their lifetime, it is very easy for you to get confused in the process of buying them and you may end up buying those that don’t suit your needs. Buying the right rug is of great importance.
For instance, Choosing the right colors and patterns right from zebra to chevron stripes creates a fashionable appearance of your room; The style and durability, especially with the woven ones makes them, fit for busy spaces such as the kitchen and mudrooms; They add warmth to your room and you don’t have to feel the cold from your floor.
Common mistakes you might do when buying carpets or rugs
Quality of Rug
(i). Getting excited about weight. You should never think that carpets with higher weights are better than those with lower ones because there are very many factors that determine the quality of a carpet.
Underpad For Rugs
(ii). Failing to buy the underpad Underpad helps in preventing your carpet from wearing and tearing because it is able to absorb foot traffic impact. It also helps to make your carpet look better and durable.
Measument of Size
(iii). Incorrect calculation of your square footage Failing to take your measurement means there is a likeliness of you buying either big or small sized one.
Having gotten an idea of some of the things you should avoid, let’s have a knowledge of the checkings you should do before buying any rug or carpet.
(a). Brand name
Many companies are just joining the industry and you find that some of their products are of low quality since they have no experience. You find that they have marked up rug prices and therefore you should be very keen to look at it. Consider searching for top brands before going to shop so as to avoid buying default items.
(b). Knowing what you are paying for.
Sometimes you may be enticed by promotions and end up paying more than you should. Very often the cost of those discounted or free items is usually in-built somewhere. Be sure to know what is included in the price of that rug or carpet that you are buying to avoid any hidden additional charges.
(c). Measuring your space.
Taking a measurement of your floor gives you an idea of your project cost so that you don’t go out of your budget. Some of the things to consider are the width of the roll and the direction of the pile of your carpet. Give your measurements to the salesperson during your shopping.
(d). Pattern You should choose the right pattern for your house uniformity.
Consider going for those that marry well with your interior decorations for a superb look.
(e). Pricing.
While different firms quote different prices for their carpets and rugs. You should be very careful with those whose prices are too low because they may be unethically produced and thus of low quality.
5 Checks you must do before Buying Rugs