Embellish Your Home With These Elegant Cushions

Do you have a rental apartment, a college dorm room, or a modest area where you live? In that situation, heavy decor pieces might not be the best choice. However, this does not have to imply that your home should look unattractive. One of the most hassle-free ways to redo your room on a budget is to do experiments with your soft furnishings. Begin with a rug or dhurrie, then add decorative cushion coverings that reflect your style and personality. Cushions aren’t just for your comfort; they may also make a plain bed or couch look lively.

Embellish Your Home With These Elegant Cushions

The selection of the appropriate couch cushion covers or bench cushion covers may take your area to the next level. You’ll be able to mix and match decorative cushion covers and add bolder patterns once you get started. Let us demonstrate some simple methods to add cushion design into your area to make it appear bright, rich, and charming!

Colour Coordination

Embellish Your Home With These Elegant Cushions

If you like solid couch cushion coverings, arrange two in complementing colours on either end of the couch. Cushion coverings are available in sets of coordinated covers, but if you want to add a personal touch, we recommend mixing & matching! Do not overcrowd the couch with cushions since this reduces its usability. And as a result, there is a lack of space for sitting. Too many colour-coordinated cushion designs also make your home appear cluttered, especially if it is small.

Patterned Cushions For The Floor

Embellish Your Home With These Elegant Cushions

A rug, dhurrie, or a kilim on the floor with some cushions is the best hangout spot or a cozy sitting corner at your home. It not only gives you comfort but also gives your space a warm and inviting appearance. Depending on the style of the rug, you can choose patterned cushions such as stripes, geometric, or chevron.

Embroidered Cushion Covers

Embellish Your Home With These Elegant Cushions
Cushion Pattern

Choose an area with few distractions so that the embroidered cushion pattern can shine. A bench or a simple sofa set is good, but a queen-sized bed with firm bed sheets would suffice.

Digital Prints And Geometric Designs

Embellish Your Home With These Elegant Cushions
Adaptable Cushion Designs

Modern digital prints and geometric designs are some of the most adaptable cushion designs since they are simple to install into your room decor theme without disrupting it. These are ideal when you want to add additional cushions to your bed without making it appear cluttered. For a modern and sharp appearance, choose dual-toned couch cushion coverings.

Add Some Drama

Embellish Your Home With These Elegant Cushions

When it comes to decorative cushion covers or couch cushion covers, do not limit yourself to designs, colours, and embroideries. Think out of the box and use intriguing textures like leather, silk, suede, or even rug cushions. Leather or suede may give the place an elegant vibe, while silk or rug pillows may add richness.

Customize Your Cushion Covers

Embellish Your Home With These Elegant Cushions

If you choose designer, decorative or handmade cushions, cushion rug covers, they can also be works of art. You can even sew or paint your bench or couch cushion covers. If you are not interested in DIY, we recommend cushion coverings created by artists and interior designers.


Cushions can be more than decorative items. You can decorate your living area or bedroom with bench and couch cushion coverings in a hundred ways. You can also try mixing and matching cushions of various shapes and sizes. Bench cushion covers will give your wooden garden furniture or wrought iron outdoor furniture a new outlook on life. 

Colour coordination, the addition of textures, designs, and intriguing embroidery may accommodate a wide range of home decor ideas, from minimalist to maximal. Bring home some unique cushion covers and see how quickly you can change the appearance of your house.

Shree Sai’s Rugs and Carpets – Designed, Crafted and Exported with love.

Are you unable to find a good collection of rugs and carpets for your home, and you don’t have any idea where to buy them?

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Weavinghand Rugs Pvt Ltd. is a well-known home furnishing brand and will upgrade the quality of home decor. We are leading exporters that deal with a wide range of rugs, carpets, cushions, and pouffes. With our innovative product range and the highest standards in quality. We aim to provide you with the latest designs.

Products Handcrafted by Artisans 

We work with Artisan Communities to create beautiful and functional handcrafted homeware. Our products are environmentally friendly. Weavinghand Rugs Pvt Ltd. Epitomises quality and style with its wide range of cushions, rugs, and carpets.

Rugs and carpets 

If you match your interiors to the rug’s patterns and colours, your entire space will melt together, amplifying the room’s beauty.

Rugs and carpets are created for a modern space that touches tradition.

Different colours and sizes are available.

If you are more cautious when selecting a rug for your room, a handmade rug is an investment that can last for generations.

How to choose Rug?

Contrast is the best way to go about it. A quiet rug with monotone colours would be appropriate if the room has noisy decor. If the room’s interiors are neutral, however, you can use rugs with lively colours and strong designs. 

Another option is to coordinate the patterns on the rug with the elements. A circle on the rug, for example, can complement a circular mirror on the living room wall.

How to choose Carpets?

Here are three suggestions for selecting the best colour for your space.

Contrast is beneficial:

You don’t want your new carpet to “match” the colour of the walls or other flooring in the house. Choose a carpet colour that complements the home and belongs to the same colour family.

Choose a colour scheme: 

Stick to earth-tone hues if your walls are warm. Stick with a cooler-colored carpet if your walls are chilly or grey. Check out greige-colored carpets if you want a carpet that will go with both cool and warm walls. Greige is a great neutral colour for the middle of the spectrum.

Colors that are lighter and darker 

Light colours can make a room appear larger. The darker colours help hide dirt and spills from children.  

Benefits of using carpets 

  • It works as an air filter, capturing dust, and other particles and removing them from the breathing zone.
  • It makes a space feel warmer by providing a comfy spot to relax, or work.
  • The carpet protects the entire family, especially toddlers and the elderly.
  • The carpet also acts as a sound barrier between floors, preventing sound from reaching rooms below.

Cushions and Pouffes

Our vibrant and stylish cushion will brighten up any room. We designed every single one of our cushions, and you won’t find them anywhere else. They are also limited edition, making them unique. 

Indoor and outdoor pouffes provide diversity to your house. Pouffes can be used to add extra seating to living rooms and family rooms for movie nights and parties. 


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