Kids Rugs Blooming Beauties for Kids spaces

Kids Rugs: Blooming Beauties for Kids spaces

Kids rugs where every step is a journey filled with comfort, creativity and colour. So you are stepping into a world where imagination knows no bounds, Here we are welcoming you to our kid’s rug guide- rooms convert into realms of wonder and magical spaces where floors become a playground.

We are here with you to make you choose the best kids rug for your little ones. We have the best quality and variety of rugs because these are the heart of your home as well as the best for your kid’s playtime. If you are using our rugs then cleaning of rugs gets much easier because it is a place where all action happens. Our rugs feel incredibly soft and comfortable underfoot. Our rugs come with the best in comfort and are best for children of all age groups and these also attract children as well because of the colours and the attractiveness they offer. All these varieties come with the best in style for any nursery, bedroom or playroom with a variety of designs and colours. It is said to be the perfect addition anywhere or where you want to add a pop to your place.

Safety first no slip material

These are the soft kid’s rugs that feature playful and artistic patterns and are perfect for a nursery. It comes with bright colours and enhances the area it’s placed in because it comes with luxury compositions that offer soft texture underfoot. These are best for your kids because they make most of their time at home and no worries if you have pets because it is pet friendly.

Easy to clean: Parent’s bestfriend

It comes with a luxurious composition and its bright colours enhance the place where it is placed. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can go for the one you want. Our Easy to clean rugs can fit in any place and can be a reason for the enhancement of the decor. Kids make most of the time at home so it’s not only comfortable but easy to clean. 

Designs that spark imagination 

Kids love seeing colourful things and imaginative designs. So here we are with our rugs that not only add playful patterns but also add an educational element with a modern-looking floral pattern to your kid’s room. It can be a fun adventure for your kids because here they will get to learn things. After all, our rugs not only come with colour but also educational things as well such as ABCs. It is educational but comes with eye catchiness because of its splash of colours that attract kids. 

Finding the right size 

Determining the size of the rug based on the dimensions of your room is the main thing. When a rug covers a significant portion of the floor then it can make a cozy play area. These rugs are even ideal for your home and for high-traffic areas as well especially where there are kids. So cover their spaces to make them even more comfortable and cosy with our variety of adorable kids’ rugs. After using this you can create cozy playing places on the floor as well as spark their imagination while playing with colours.

Durability style and comfort

As kids are very energetic their playtime can be very enthusiastic. So for that, you have to choose a rug that can undergo daily wear and tear and can still provide the best comfort. So these not only offer durability but comfort and strength as well with the best stylish touch for your home. Even you can use Layring for styling as well which will introduce multiple colours and textures to your room. It adds grace to your living spaces and attracts visitors with comfort and warmth underfoot. Best for cold weather as it provides cosy and warmth in cold weather, it is made up of wool it insulates in hot weather by absorbing body moisture and realising it into the air.

Type of kids’ rugs available 

You can go through all the available options below and then choose according to your needs, and your interior spaces which will complement your space with our simple yet elegant rugs for your kids. 

  • Baby rug
  • Children play rug
  • Kids room rugs 
  • Kids rugs 
  • Nursery area rugs


If you want to start your journey through the vibrant tapestry of colour, creativity and comfort. So we want you to step into a world dreams and imagination is woven into every fibre. It is a dedication to creating a heaven of joy with soft textures that invite your little one’s tiny feet to dance through a realm of endless possibilities. So, here’s to the laughter and all the fun time that echoes in every corner of your room, to all the adventure that is sparked by vibrant patterns and all the warmth that our rugs bring to every place they touch. Thank you for letting Shree Sai kid’s rugs be a part of your family’s story- a story that is woven with threads of comfort, creativity and endless joy.


Are Rugs Safe for Kids?

Undoubtedly yes. Our rugs are crafted with child safety in mind. They are prepared by using non-toxic material and they are well made to stringent safety standards to ensure safe and secure environments for your kids.

How Can Rugs Be Cleaned and Maintained? 

It is made up of that material that cleaning is very easy! These can be easily spot-cleaned. Care instructions will be provided with each rug which will help you to maintain your products with ease.

Are the Rugs Slip-resistant?

Your little one’s safety is our topmost priority that’s why many of our rugs come with non-slip material to ensure safety. For this, you can go through the product details to know more about them.

Are Our Rugs Suitable for All Age Groups?

Yes, our designs are made for various age groups. We not only provide colourful rugs but we also provide you with the best comfort and designs for your kid’s playtime. Here you will find rugs for every stage of childhood.

Rugs And Carpets

Why Do Your Interiors Need Rugs And Carpets?

Any room can be transformed effortlessly by a carpet or a rug. Besides changing the look and mood of a room, carpets and rugs also provide a host of practical benefits – like warming your home or reducing noise levels.

Most new homes don’t come carpeted, so many people consider buying carpets and rugs for their floors when they move in. When deciding whether to buy a carpet for your home, it can seem like a simple matter of décor.

Did you know that whenever somebody visits your home the first thing they notice is the huge carpet or the rug you use in front of the door as its the first thing that they see and hence it’s very important to buy gorgeous rugs and carpets, and that is why we are introducing you to the Designer Rugs And Carpets by Shree Sai wherein we redefine the luxurious life of yours?

Why Choose Our Rugs And Carpets?

Our Rugs and Carpets are durable and bio-friendly natural fibre for twice the wear. It will surely fetch attention since it has an eye-catching appearance. Our Rugs And Carpets are very unique and different from others. It’s attractive on the floor, kitchen, passageway, apartment, dorm room, and more. 

Light Up A Dark Room

Contemporary homes tend to have dark hardwoods or laminate floors. Some spaces, particularly corridors without windows, suffer from a loss of light from these devices.

The best way to add richness and airiness to this type of flooring is to break it up with runner rugs in a lighter tone. Traditionally patterned rugs like this one incorporate off-whites for lightness without showing dirt flecks.

Environment-Friendly Decor Pieces

Its Environmental protection fabric is anti-fatigue and eco-friendly. The style carpet is prepared of polyester so that it is thick and soft. It has a latex backing which makes it durable. The best feature is that it is fire resistant, soil resistant, and moisture resistant. We are devoted to bringing a durable high-quality product to make everyday life easier. 

Types of Rugs And Carpets That We Provide-


It consists of a variety of rugs such as cotton rugs, wool rugs, dhurrie rugs, kilim rugs, viscose rugs, leather rugs, and natural fibre rugs. These rugs are well suited for casual look decor in your house.


Who wouldn’t like to buy a designer rug? Many ladies prefer designer rugs to their homes as they feel it adds elegance.


We would like to tell you that these rugs are completely hand-knitted by our experts with extreme care and love. They are best suited for winters. 


They can be well suited for outdoor purposes.


Hand Tufted Carpets are the most innovative and luxurious carpets made in the factory. The raw material used here is wool and hence it’s extremely soft.


A plush carpet can perfectly be described in both its appearance and texture. It’s a soft carpet and is a real treat of touch for your feet. 


These rugs are perfect for a kid’s bedroom. Kids will love these rugs as they come in various cartoon forms. There are also rugs in various shapes. 


We at Shree Sai provide you with rugs and carpets which are completely cruelty-free and add beautiful decor to your house. You can also book a sample rug or a carpet to review the product. We can provide you with any size of any rug or carpet. Give a beautiful touch to your home flooring with these beautifully designed modern carpets as all our Rugs and Carpets are elegant and give an awesome look to your home decor. We provide our products across many countries and we guarantee that we have an immense number of designs that none of you. So what are you waiting for to order your Rugs and Carpet right away as they say “FLOORING IS THE FOUNDATION OF ANY BEAUTIFUL ROOM? START WITH A GREAT CARPET AND THE REST WILL FALL INTO PLACE.”

How to choose a perfect Bathroom Door Mat

A bathroom reflects your way of living life. To flaunt your style of living, you need to decorate your bathroom from the inside and outside. To give your bathroom door area a little extra care, you always require a Bathroom Door Mat, which will also provide safety to your loved ones from slipping due to the moisture from the bathroom and the person. If you lay a Bathroom Door Mat, it will also provide a pretty look to the bathroom entrance and assurance of safety.   

Qualities for a flawless door mat.

Whenever you buy a bathroom door mat, the first thing you need to focus on is its quality. It must be durable and comfortable. Here are some more points to keep in mind while purchasing it.


The first quality you should consider is safety. Always prefer a Bathroom Door Mat with great friction so that it will not move to and fro and, when stepped, does not give the feel of a flying sparrow.

Absorptive Quality

If the door mat is not good absorbent, then it will make the floor slippery, and people will fall. Make sure to choose a mat with a high absorbing capacity to maintain cleanliness around it and create a hygienic environment. 


Home decor is most important for every person in this world as it reflects your living style. Therefore, choose a mat according to home interiors, like the color of walls, tiles, or bathroom design, and it will enhance the look of your bathroom entrance. 

Comfort and Structure

Always check the structure (correctly knitted) and material(cotton is the best choice) of the mat to give a feeling of relaxation and warmth to anyone and everyone. Size must be considered according to the place, and it must be easy to wash. Our artisans created handmade bathroom door mats to provide it with the best structure and comfort. You can easily get it at 

Why choose a Handmade Bathroom Door Mat?

A Hand-Knitted Bathroom Door Mat is the perfect idea to affix some natural touch to your bathroom Door. A Connection between nature and art always keeps us in a good mood. 

India is well-known for its traditional art.

It has earned appreciation worldwide for its incredible richness in culture, traditions, customs, art, and craft. India has a lot of hidden talent in its artistry and craftsmanship.

To bring light to these talents, we should appreciate and provide opportunities to these artisans by procuring their products. This will help them to revitalize their lost career. And also in this way we can promote products made in India all around the world. 

Shree Sai International is providing a beautiful Hand Made Bathroom Door Mat. Try them out!

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide beautifully Hand-Knitted Bathroom Door Mats.
  • We produce Mats that are A1 in quality.
  • Our artisan’s handmade Mats are Highly Durable.
  • We always take care of our customer’s time that’s why we always provide easily washable Bathroom Door Mat
  • It is  finely cotton made, which is of high quality and always checked. 
  • It will offer you comfort every time you step on it.
  • You will get satisfaction after trying our talented people’s work. 


The bathroom Door Mat is essential as it enhances the beauty of your home and reflects the good qualities of your lifestyle. Our expert Artisans place every quality in a balanced way required for a premium bathroom door mat. This is a basic need, and one should consistently implement it out of your bathroom. Shree Sai International provides a beautiful, soft, cozy, and reliable door mat. Grab it at discount rates and give it a try!

Shree Sai’s Rugs and Carpets – Designed, Crafted and Exported with love.

Are you unable to find a good collection of rugs and carpets for your home, and you don’t have any idea where to buy them?

No worries.

Weavinghand Rugs Pvt Ltd. is a well-known home furnishing brand and will upgrade the quality of home decor. We are leading exporters that deal with a wide range of rugs, carpets, cushions, and pouffes. With our innovative product range and the highest standards in quality. We aim to provide you with the latest designs.

Products Handcrafted by Artisans 

We work with Artisan Communities to create beautiful and functional handcrafted homeware. Our products are environmentally friendly. Weavinghand Rugs Pvt Ltd. Epitomises quality and style with its wide range of cushions, rugs, and carpets.

Rugs and carpets 

If you match your interiors to the rug’s patterns and colours, your entire space will melt together, amplifying the room’s beauty.

Rugs and carpets are created for a modern space that touches tradition.

Different colours and sizes are available.

If you are more cautious when selecting a rug for your room, a handmade rug is an investment that can last for generations.

How to choose Rug?

Contrast is the best way to go about it. A quiet rug with monotone colours would be appropriate if the room has noisy decor. If the room’s interiors are neutral, however, you can use rugs with lively colours and strong designs. 

Another option is to coordinate the patterns on the rug with the elements. A circle on the rug, for example, can complement a circular mirror on the living room wall.

How to choose Carpets?

Here are three suggestions for selecting the best colour for your space.

Contrast is beneficial:

You don’t want your new carpet to “match” the colour of the walls or other flooring in the house. Choose a carpet colour that complements the home and belongs to the same colour family.

Choose a colour scheme: 

Stick to earth-tone hues if your walls are warm. Stick with a cooler-colored carpet if your walls are chilly or grey. Check out greige-colored carpets if you want a carpet that will go with both cool and warm walls. Greige is a great neutral colour for the middle of the spectrum.

Colors that are lighter and darker 

Light colours can make a room appear larger. The darker colours help hide dirt and spills from children.  

Benefits of using carpets 

  • It works as an air filter, capturing dust, and other particles and removing them from the breathing zone.
  • It makes a space feel warmer by providing a comfy spot to relax, or work.
  • The carpet protects the entire family, especially toddlers and the elderly.
  • The carpet also acts as a sound barrier between floors, preventing sound from reaching rooms below.

Cushions and Pouffes

Our vibrant and stylish cushion will brighten up any room. We designed every single one of our cushions, and you won’t find them anywhere else. They are also limited edition, making them unique. 

Indoor and outdoor pouffes provide diversity to your house. Pouffes can be used to add extra seating to living rooms and family rooms for movie nights and parties. 


Our goal is to become a leading producer of high-quality rugs, and carpets with a distinct identity. We generate long-term value and a competitive advantage for both our firm and our clients by combining cutting-edge technology and talents with genuine passion. As a result, we support our customers in achieving their goals.


  • Our team is high motivation
  • Our artisans are determined and committed to providing the best products
  • Our products are creative and durable.


Our vision is to establish an environment that motivates our employees to be the best at what they do, to become the most respected manufacturer in the industry with a well-known trademark, and to continuously improve our professional standards to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Why choose us?

  • We offer a huge collection of products
  • We bring products at the Best prices
  • Designer and handcrafted carpets
  • Best Quality products
  • We provide worldwide shipping facilities
  • Easy Returns
  • High quality and long-lasting products

Custom rugs: the heart of rugs manufacture


I would rather not set out to avoid the real issue while giving the fundamental subtleties. In this way, here’s the response; mats that are modified in light of your necessities and thought. There are two sorts of floor covers on the lookout, the standard one, and the redid one. The first comes in fixed size and plans while the last one is adjusted. Custom mats as indicated by their name are rugs that are essentially changed and improved based on the necessities of the people.

Thus, every custom floor covering is completely not quite the same as others, this unmistakable touch is the result of your thoughts and requirements. Some of you may be feeling baffled since you can’t find your ideal rugs manufacturer, right? Unwind; for this reason, we have arrived. We assist you with making your customized and extraordinary floor coverings. Rather than running all through the market and through perpetual inquiries, how about you make one?

What fiber is best for a custom mat?

Here is a superior perspective on the material you can use for custom carpets. Recall everything descends to your need. It can either be cotton, fleece, gooey, silk, or some other. It is a huge variable since it chooses the impact and belief and presence of the carpet. How about we start with fleece, one of the most mind-blowing potential yarns you get to pick. With an extensive rundown of benefits, fleece rugs are very sought after by the rug in manufacturers India. It has high strength and solidness. The protection from stains and soil helps in the simple support of the floor coverings. In this way, it works out positively in weighty rush hour gridlock regions. Moreover, the fleece cover has brilliant dampness engrossing limits. Stay away from inferior quality fleece carpets, those are loads. 

They shed excessively fast and parted. The following choice for you is silk, without a doubt probably the best material for materials. Silk isn’t just costlier yet, in addition, is the best yarn. A normally acquired yarn that is equipped for updating the appeal of your home by the huge number. No joke, correct? You could currently be familiar with the delicate and radiant surface of silk. The advantage doesn’t end there; silk likewise has great sturdiness and endures a very long time to cherish. Pick it to add vivid dynamic quality and a vivacious vibe to your home. They are wonderful past creative minds if not there are always area rug manufacturers. To abide yourself reasonable material and choose to purchase something more pocket-accommodating, cotton floor coverings and gooey rugs invite you.

Cotton is simply difficult to keep up with yet has an overflow of assortment to browse. Insignificant shedding and supportability are a couple of the properties among others, consequently, upkeep is least irksome. A thick rug likewise called rayon rug or workmanship silk cover is one more decision. The closeness of these to silk is generally as far as surface and appearance. Besides, the utilization of thick fiber will guarantee your floor covering low shedding with great stain obstruction and imperviousness to fire. Notwithstanding, the life span may not be extremely lengthy. This was about, what sort of fiber you can use for a custom mat.

Ordinary consideration and cleaning of rugs

Gracious! How is it that I could disregard the cleaning of the rug? It may not sound significant however it is. Indeed, the most ideal way to clean your floor coverings is to vacuum at normal periods. The two sides should be vacuumed for better evacuation of erratic soil. It guarantees life span and quality isn’t compromised throughout the long term. On the off chance that your floor covering is stained try not to scour it.

Try not to attempt to rub it brutally, because you might be harming it further. It blurs the shading as well as purposes the parting and shedding of yarns. Better contact experts, they will know how to manage it. To profoundly clean your rug, I will again propose you get it cleaned expertly. Besides, assuming done at home specific angles like abuse of cleanser, or scouring, and in any event, wetting can prompt irreversible harm. Every one of the subtleties above were to help you out redo your ideal floor cover, to give reality to your creative mind, and make a work of art like no other.

We are the answer

Custom rugs: the heart of rugs manufacture

Weavinghands Rugs Pvt Ltd. is known as one of the main makers of custom rug manufacturers and exporters of Home outfitting Made-ups and Floor Covering, in India as well as all around the globe. Having broad experience, we have been assembling and trading our remarkable items as indicated by clients’ necessities beginning around 1984. With our exhaustive scope of in-vogue hand-made floor coverings, carpets, and home goods, we are energetic all the time to plan and foster first-rate items with the most extreme quality principles.

We are enlisted by the Rugmark, accreditation brand name of the floor covering industry, as we accept to make a functioning climate ‘Against – Child Labor’. We unequivocally go against youngster work in our border as well as anyplace in the rug business. We concentrate to lift our assistance to keep every single kid worker out of this industry and our point is to see this exchange with no kid working under its shadow.

We endeavor to contribute our part in the obligation of what care and fair started to follow. We stroll on the way that was shown by this association and advance the circumstance of destitution step by step by benefiting great review and training to the youngsters. Through being an individual from the Care and Fair association, we additionally support our staff to empower their kids to get study, instruction, and great wellbeing also.