Top Reasons Why You Need a Rug, Carpets, and Dhurries in Your Life?

Handmade durries, rugs, and carpets both are used for decorating floors and room surfaces. These are the best option to provide beauty and full protection for marble floors as well as for wooden floors. Constructing the home floor is a very difficult task. You cannot change your floor every year or within 10 years. So use a handmade area carpet or dhurrie to protect your expensive floor tiles. Most people just want to know the actual difference between handmade carpets and dhurries.

An area rug is quite affordable and is a one-time investment. The carpet industry needs more care and manpower to install. While with Rugs in India, roll it up and move to any area, spilling something? Just follow easy cleaning instructions. A rug looks great anywhere: Bedrooms, Living room, Patio, Kitchen, Nursery, Hallways. Rugs also have a long life, so you can bring your mind to ease if you are worried that they might wear off easily.

Difference between Rugs, Carpets, and Dhurries:

Carpets and area rugs are quite similar in their qualities. Moreover, they are widely used together. A rug is just a smaller version of a carpet and many places have a Rug laid on a wall-to-wall carpet. The intriguing colors and textures of an Area Rug are the most appealing part. 

In short, a floor covering that is applied wall-to-wall is commonly called a carpet, while rugs are area-specific and movable. Dhurries are of Indian origin and basically refer to floor coverings that are flat-woven.

A few of the reasons to invest in a floor covering would be

Add Classic elegance to your decor

A classic rug matching the furniture and décor of the room can make a bedroom look royal and channel old-world charm. Wool and silk rug with classic motifs is the easiest and most elegant choice where you can never go wrong.

Make your space look bigger

A trick that architects and interior designers often use to make a room look bigger is by choosing to put in stripes in the décor. 

Add an abstract feel to your space

If your bedroom feels a little boring to you – go shop for an abstract rug. A unique design will instantly make your room pop out and drown out the dull. 

Anchor your minimalist look

If your décor philosophy is, less is more than the only must-have in your bedroom is a neutral tone rug that eliminates the need for any other décor piece.

Grace your galleries and hallways

If you aren’t able to make up your mind about committing to Indian area rugs then try your hand at a runner first. You can place it on the side of the bed or at the end of it, or even underneath with just the sides coming out a little. 

Layer in style

By layering your rugs, you can use your smaller rugs in bigger settings and completely transform the décor of your rooms. Our advice is to start with a good base rug.

Make your office space come alive

It’s been months since our homes turned into proxy offices and it looks like the concept of work from home is here to stay. One thing that has been on many of our minds since work from home became an integral part of our lives is to turn that mundane desk in the corner of the house into a functional and inspiring home office that inspires creativity and productivity. 

Cozy choices for the kid’s room

Decorating a kid’s room can be fun, but the choices can be overwhelming. The first thing to get out of the way is getting the measurement right. Kids generally have small beds, but a lot of other paraphernalia in the room so make sure that you choose a slightly larger size rug, which gives them a larger surface to goof around on. 

An artisan’s blessing in your home

Each handmade rug is a unique work of art. No two handmade rugs can be alike even if the design is similar. So, what you are essentially bringing home is not just a home décor product, but an art piece that you can walk on. 

Multiple benefits of rugs

While looking for the perfect handmade rugs in India for your home you will come across several materials. The choice of the right rug material will go a long way in defining the look of the room. 

Makes a long-lasting gift

A hand-knotted rug by Shree Sai international, made up of over two million knots tied one by one, over months on a loom set up in rural India is one of the most special gifts for this festive season.

In some cultures, a rug is a symbol of prosperity and a way to bless a family with long-term happiness and wealth. 

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