7 Reasons Why Rugs and Carpets Need to be Handcrafted

Choosing the perfect rugs and carpets to furnish the interiors is always a tough task. People often get a bit paranoid whilst there are a plethora of varieties available. Consequently, they get trapped by picking up the low-budget articles and realise sooner or later. They usually ignore the hand weaving rugs in the market. Today, we are discussing some facts about the benefits of Artisan carpets and artisan rugs for your interiors. Before proceeding, let’s vitally talk over the basic difference between artisan rugs and artisan carpets. 

What is the difference between Area Rugs and Carpets?

7 Reasons Why Rugs and Carpets Need to be Handcrafted

Do you also get confused between area rugs and carpet while buying them? With the core purpose to act as a floor covering, in general, they have a minor difference. When rugs are used as a partial floor covering, carpets fulfil the motive of covering the entire floor carpeted area from wall-to-wall. However, both are adding a design element to the indoor and outdoor space area of the floor. Additionally, they help in reducing echoing in the interior spaces. 

Since you are now aware of the basic difference between Artisan carpets and artisan rugs, let’s focus on the reasons for buying them.

Why Hand Weaving Rugs and Carpets?

7 Reasons Why Rugs and Carpets Need to be Handcrafted

Hand weaving rugs or hand loomed rugs are popular for their superior quality which is hard to beat. Although they are costly, it’s an undeniable fact that they owe the worth. There are so many machine-manufactured carpets. Significantly they have properties of stiff and rough to the touch. Power-loomed rugs are ultimately far behind when it comes to competing with the hand loomed rugs. 

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Traditional Handicrafts of India

7 Reasons Why Rugs and Carpets Need to be Handcrafted

With the individual motifs that are incorporated into the self-made designs, the hand woven rugs and carpeted area represent unique meanings. The Indian handmade crafts show deep meanings and offer a cornucopia of designs on area rugs and carpets. Here are a few of the designs with their significance that you would be amazed to know. 

Carpets with ram-horned designs for male fertility, strength, and bravery

Mahi flower and fishes for good luck

Tree of Life that symbolizes the desire to become divine and signifies the afterlife, immortality, hope, heaven, eternal paradise, etc. 

Dragon depicts wisdom, power, guardians of the tree of life, and good fortune.

Stars and Crosses that are found in rugs exemplify the effective motive against evil, catastrophes or ill will.

A Camel design means strength, endurance, and blessings

Lotus is known for immortality and rebirth

Whether it’s a phoenix, an eagle, a peacock or a dove, most of them symbolize good luck, power, happiness and love. 

Ancestral skills of Rug Artisan in each warp and weft 

7 Reasons Why Rugs and Carpets Need to be Handcrafted

Craftsmanship is another standout reason for buying handcrafted rugs and carpets. Either it’s hand-tufted wool rugs made in India or the carpeted area with flawless design. All of them depicts the focussed craftsmanship. The rug artisan who warp and weft these hand loomed rugs are carrying forward this artistic legacy for generations. They carefully trim the area rugs and carpet to the correct pile height, carve the design elements, and then stitch the edging at the end.  Undeniably, each process involves excellent teamwork and unique emotions.  

All Designs Unravel An Excellent Quality

7 Reasons Why Rugs and Carpets Need to be Handcrafted

Close and regular quality checks on the hand weaving process performed inside the rug textiles unravels its excellent quality. It is not just the knots but also the vibrant colours and designs which the rug artisan pick while setting its quality criteria. The natural fibres used in these area rugs and carpets also ensure their supreme quality. 

Entirely Ethical and Sustainable

7 Reasons Why Rugs and Carpets Need to be Handcrafted

If you desire to buy any Indian handmade crafts, you can rest assured about the ethical approach used in making them. Handwoven carpets or rug textile gives employment to thousands of rug artisan of poor Indian families. Hand weaving provides a vital income to all of them so that they can fulfil their everyday needs. Indeed, you are making a social contribution if you purchase these artisan carpets.

Wholeness of Blessings that Delve into Each Thread

7 Reasons Why Rugs and Carpets Need to be Handcrafted

Going for traditional handicrafts of India, especially hand loomed rugs, is a win-win situation for you. Do you know why? It is because it adds a luxurious element to your home interiors. Besides that, you also win the blessings of poor Indian families who make it. 

Durability that Lasts Forever

7 Reasons Why Rugs and Carpets Need to be Handcrafted

Indian handmade crafts – the hand loomed rugs are highly durable. Purchasing them means you have bought an eye-charming design feature for your interiors for the long term. These rugs and carpets need minimal maintenance, and they are easy to wash. 

Imperfect Weaves that Look Perfect

7 Reasons Why Rugs and Carpets Need to be Handcrafted

Many times it’s confusing about how to differentiate between power-loom and hand loomed rugs. You this confusion will surely end today. Hand loomed rug comes in imperfect weaves that look extremely royal. It is due to the richness of Indian handmade crafts which is perfectly depicted on those knots. 

Generations will pass, but the charm of traditional handicrafts of India won’t fade. They are unique and will stay the same forever. Are you thinking of where you can get the best handwoven rugs and carpets? 

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