The craze of Indian Handmade Rugs in The Global Industry Makes Them A Must Have

India produces rugs that are both beautiful and well-made. Indian handmade rugs are also simple to put around the house because they’re naturally dyed, which means they’ll last a long time and fit in with any decor. Indian rugs are widely sought after by people all over the world for decorating their homes, offices, and other spaces for these purposes.

Rug making began in India during the reign of the great Mughal ruler Akbar, who introduced Persian influences to the north of the country and promoted carpet making. The weavers of those days passed on their knowledge to the next generation, which is how the craft has continued to this day.

If you’re starting a new decorating project or updating your home decor, handmade carpets India should be at the top of your list. A well-chosen handmade rug for your floor gives your space a trendy, elegant, and comfortable look.

The right rug can make or break a room’s design. If your hand knotted rug is old, your room will appear to be stuck in the past. Your room will appear too busy if the colours conflict with your furniture and wallpaper.

Before purchasing hand tufted wool rugs made in India for your Living Room, Kids Room, Dining Room, or Bedroom, you should consider the quality being offered to you twice. 

The Characteristics Of The Indian Handmade Rugs That Makes Them Unique

People who are interested in purchasing a handcrafted Oriental rug from hand knotted rugs manufacturer India for the first time are unsure where to begin. They are unsure about what factors to consider when purchasing the ideal Indian rug that meets their style preferences and complements their home’s décor. We’ve put together some helpful hints to help these people pick the best Indian rug for them.

Endless variety to shop for

Indian handmade rugs are divided into categories based on their manufacturing location, historical significance, design elements used, and other characteristics, such as Antique Indian Rugs, Floral Rugs, Prayer Rugs, Portuguese Rugs, and Figural Rugs. Before you make any decisions or hurry into any design, you can first determine which of these lovely patterns would work best with your colour palette and any other patterns you might already have. Have a picture of your paint scheme or even the room you want to redecorate on hand, and see if it fits the unique rug you find.

Designs and colors

Handmade wool rugs from India are characterised by their asymmetry and a clear sense of the pictorial, with close attention to detail and fact, despite their debt to the Persian style. The rugs’ decoration favours naturalistic floral designs and figural scenes on directional layouts, and the compositions are simple; the most common layouts include full-field distributions using rows or columns, in-and-out palmettes, and prayer rugs. Indian rugs are devoid of the distinctive decorative motifs found in Persian rugs. They are, however, wealthy, aristocratic, and refined.

The asymmetrical knot is used to make all handmade Oriental area rugs from India. Because of their dense knotting, they are technically superior. Indian rugs are well-suited for rendering realistic figural details due to this form of knotting.

Persian Carpet

The base of Indian handmade rugs is usually made of cotton, and the pile is usually made of wool. Rugs made from Kashmir’s soft and lustrous wool are common in the country’s northern regions. Silk is also used for both the rug’s base and its pile. Normally, the pile is cut short. Indian rugs are usually medium to wide in size, measuring up to 4 Meters Wide & on custom request can be made bigger.

Different rugs for different rooms

Some people have a hard time deciding on an Indian handmade rugs for a specific room or area of their home. These suggestions will help you narrow down your options.

Living room: A sisal rug is a good choice for covering your living room from wall to wall since it is easy to maintain. A Kashmiri Kaleen, shag rug, or silk rug will be perfect for covering only the sitting or sofa area in your living room.

Dining room: For your dining area, rich rugs are appropriate. When your guests dine, they will be wowed by their elegance and appearance. Choose a high-pile or low-pile rug in pastel colours to make the space appear larger and more luxurious.

Bedroom: A low-pile or wool rug is ideal for your bedroom. These two styles will not only give your bedroom a warm look, but they will also be simple to maintain. If your bedroom has a small seating area, you can hold the rug there or position it in front of your bed. Light-colored rugs can be used in your bedroom.

Study room: Your study room is a private space where you can read your favourite book while relaxing in style. You can choose between a silk rug and a Kashmiri Kaleen to give your study room a vintage look. Purchase these rugs in vibrant colours such as golden, orange, or maroon to brighten your reading experience.

The right place to buy Indian rugs

To purchase high-quality and authentic Indian handmade rugs for your home, go to a well-known and reputable physical Oriental rug store that carries a diverse selection of Indian rugs in various designs, styles, and colours. Oriental rugs can also be found for a reasonable price on the internet. Just purchase a rug if you are pleased with its size, pattern, colour, and price.

We at Shree Sai, are well-known rugs & carpets manufacturers and exporters & specializes in high-quality, authentic hand-knotted Oriental area rugs, including those manufactured in India, for use in homes, offices, and other settings. Its rugs will turn your space into something elegant and attractive, allowing you to make a lasting impression on your guests and tourists.

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