5 Carpet Buying Tips From Indian Carpet Exporters

When you are looking for the perfect carpet at an affordable price, do not look to India for your procurement. Instead, you should visit the carpet industry of India and see many carpet manufacturers of India. India is known to be the largest exporter of handmade carpets and rugs as well as the domestic consumers who are looking for the best quality carpets at a reasonable price. If you are a carpet importer, visit India to find your top 10 carpet manufacturers in India but in times of pandemic, it’s better to visit their websites.

5 Carpet Buying Tips From Indian Carpet Exporters

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Most of the carpet exporters in India have websites. You can simply visit their web sites to get the necessary information about the product they sell and to find out the details about the pricing policy. At the website of the carpet exporters in India, you can check the rates of the carpet as well as the features of the carpet. You can also read the detailed description of the carpet, including its construction, material used, the kind of finishing applied, and other important information. The carpet exporters in India can give you a quotation and tell you about the shipping charges and other related fees.

5 Carpet Buying Tips From Indian Carpet Exporters

Choosing Right Exporter

Before you select an exporter, you should ensure that the company has a good reputation in the carpet manufacturing industry. Indian carpet exporters should be able to provide you with samples of their work. The exporter must also be able to give you a certificate stating that the carpet is genuine. It’s is made from Childfree labor, There are certificates and various organizations like Good Weave, Care & fair, Oeko-tex, ISO, Sedex, BSCI, etc. Which will prove the reputation and genuinely of Exporter and product if you are planning to import the carpet from India.

5 Carpet Buying Tips From Indian Carpet Exporters

Price Comparison

Another advantage of ordering from a carpet manufacturer in India is that you can easily compare the prices of different carpet types. You can see the prices of carpet made of silk, jute, wool, synthetic fibers, or cotton. After you check out the prices, select the carpet exporter which offers you the most competitive price. Indian carpet manufacturers and exporters may reduce the price of the carpet as an offer or discount. In such cases, you can consider the carpet manufacturer’s reliability and track record before you make the decision of buying the carpet from them.

5 Carpet Buying Tips From Indian Carpet Exporters

Payment Terms

If you want to buy the carpet in bulk, it is advisable that you visit the carpet manufacturers in India and select the carpet for bulk purchase(But in pandemic its good to see option of Online Purchase). Once you have selected a carpet from the manufacturer or the carpet exporter, you need to discuss the payment option with them. Most carpet exporters in India accept different kinds of payments like L/C, T.T, DP etc, and money. It is advisable that you pay the carpet seller by using best terms settled. However, it is important that you provide the right information to the carpet manufacturer or carpet exporter so that they arrange shipment without any problem.

5 Carpet Buying Tips From Indian Carpet Exporters

Quality of Carpet

Before buying the handmade carpet from India, you should ensure that you are buying the carpet of good quality. Since there are numerous carpet exporters in India, you will find the various qualities of the carpet ranging from super fine to be substandard. Therefore, you should purchase the carpet only after comparing it with the samples. You should also ensure that you are buying the carpet at a reasonable price and of good quality. Many exporters will give you a discount on bulk purchases. You should always try to get the carpet at a good reasonable price of standard quality, which will help you in reducing the cost and increasing your profits.

5 Carpet Buying Tips From Indian Carpet Exporters

After choosing the right exporter and quality of the carpet from exporters in India, you should manage to negotiate the payment options with them. Most exporters will accept different payment options. You should buy the carpet only from legitimate companies. Once you have finalized everything you should agree to your shipping terms and mode of shipment.

Once you are satisfied with the carpet and the price, you should make the deal with the carpet exporter. You should inform the carpet manufacturer about your complete requirements. The carpet manufacturer will assist you in finding out the right material used for manufacturing the carpet. You can select the carpet of your choice from the different varieties offered by the carpet exporters in India.

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5 Carpet Buying Tips From Indian Carpet Exporters
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