Durries Rugs

Dhurrie Rugs: Add Warmth & Style To Your Space 

Dhurrie rugs are flat-woven rugs that originated in India and neighboring regions. Their specialty lies in the fabric that they are made of, and the versatility they offer. Dhurrie rug, spelled as durrie or durry, is made with natural fibers such as cotton, jute, wool, or silk. They come in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors. This blog will cover the history, types, and significance of dhurrie rugs in detail. 

Let’s witness the journey of the dhurrie rugs! 

Origin & History 

Dhurrie rugs have a long and rich history and tradition that dates back centuries. They originated in the Indian subcontinent, mainly in Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Handwoven by the great artisans of ancient times using cotton or wool, these rugs were used by the nomadic tribes or in the royal courts. Adding a touch of royalty every design spoke about the traditions and culture of India. Indian dhurrie rugs are the best when it comes to the quality. 

How Are They Made?

They are made by hand, using the horizontal loom by incorporating a technique that creates a flat, non-pile surface. The weft and warp threads are interweaved tightly in order to produce a durable and robust fabric. Due to this technique, they are lightweight and reversible. Fringes or tassels are added to the edges of the rugs for a finished touch, ready to add warmth and style to any space. 

Traditional & Contemporary Designs 

Reflects the cultural and religious diversity of India, incorporated with the motifs and symbols of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Dhurrie rugs are commonly known for their vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and intricate designs. A vintage dhurrie rug can drastically change the aesthetics of any interior and add a touch of elegance to any living space. 

Types Of Dhurrie Rugs

The types of dhurrie rugs can be distinguished on the basis of the fabric used in the manufacturing of the rug, and the pattern and design of the rug. The most common type of dhurrie rug based on the fiber used is cotton dhurrie rug. It is a soft, durable, and comfy rug. Well, the colors of dhurrie rugs also fascinate people and the most common color types of rugs likes are black dhurrie rugs and white dhurrie rugs. But, my personal favorite is a vintage pink dhurrie rug. 

Common Coloured Dhurrie Rugs

  • Black Dhurrie Rug
  • White Dhurrie Rug 
  • Pink Dhurrie Rug 
  • Blue Dhurrie Rug 

You can choose according to your living space’s interior and complement your space with these simple yet elegant durries. 

One of the most interesting features of these rugs is that they are versatile. Let’s discuss their versatility in detail. 


Dhurrie rugs are multipurpose rugs, they are not only used as floor coverings but as wall hangings too. They serve the purpose of seating and bedding also, making it a versatile choice. They are capable of adding a touch of charm and sophistication to any interior. Last but not least, their versatility makes them popular in both conventional and contemporary interiors. 

Dhurrie rugs are in high demand all over the globe due to their aesthetic appeal and practical nature. After my research on dhurrie rugs, I was curious to know which company manufactures the best quality durries and also exports them worldwide, to uplift the culture and tradition of India. Surprisingly, I found one of the leading manufacturers of vintage Indian dhurrie rugs, that is Shree Sai International ( Weavinghands Rugs ). Having an experience of over 39 years, they have been redefining luxury with their handcrafted rugs and carpets. 


Dhurrie rugs originated in India and they are the most versatile type of rugs made with natural fiber such as cotton, jute, wool, etc. Comes in a variety of designs, patterns, and colours. The most common type of rug based on fabric is the cotton dhurrie rug, and the colors used in these rugs are mostly black, white, pink, and blue. We also covered the different patterns and designs of these rugs. Shree Sai International offers the best quality dhurrie rugs, representing the historic culture of durries. 


What is a Dhurrie Rug?

Dhurrie rugs are flat-woven rugs made with natural fibers like cotton, jute, wool, etc. They are durable and versatile and can be used for floor covering, decorative wall hanging, and seating and bedding. 

Are Dhurrie Rugs good?

Made with natural fibers, it has a soft and comfy texture. They are the most versatile and durable type of rug and they add a touch of warmth and style to any living space. 

What is the difference between kilim and Dhurrie Rug?

Kilim rugs, which come from Turkey and the Balkans, are renowned for their elaborate geometric designs made with a slit weave technique. On the other hand, Dhurrie rugs, which come from India, have simpler designs with vivid colors and a tight, dense weave that makes them reversible and useful for a variety of uses.

What is the price of a Dhurrie Rug?

The price of the rug depends upon various factors like size, design, quality, and material used. Mostly the dhurrie rugs’ price ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.3000.

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