The Week’s Top Story: Are Jute Rugs Easy to Clean?

Are you in the market for elegantly-crafted modern area rugs made of jute? Then, you must be thinking about whether these jute rugs are easy to clean or not? Composed from the jute plant fibres, jute rugs stand out for their durability and toughness. Besides that, they are flawlessly eye-charming and soft underfoot. Jute rugs are widely known as the strongest rugs produced from natural materials. 

Let us know the answer to a few questions that often arise in our minds about the steps involved in cleaning jute rugs.

How Do You Deep Clean a Jute Rug?

Entailing details gives you perfect tips about cleaning jute rugs. As a result, this ensures that they stay in good condition. Please scroll down to have a glance!

  • Always avoid the use of spot cleaners or standard rug cleaners because such cleaners work differently on jute rugs.
  • You can make a 50/50 amalgamation of white vinegar and warm water. Diluting a little amount of laundry detergent in water is also suggested.
  • Make sure that you use a clean, damp rag for dabbing the cleanser on the stain, and another clean rag for dabbing it off.
  • To avoid water from staining the jute rugs, dry them using the hairdryer just after cleaning them.
  • Do not rub the detergent into the rug as it can push the stain even deeper.
The Week’s Top Story: Are Jute Rugs Easy to Clean?

With their adaptability towards various decors, jute rugs’ looks tend to give a visually aesthetic appeal to your interiors. And yes, you can vacuum jute rugs using the standard vacuum technique. Indeed,  cleaning the jute rugs is a smooth process. If the stains are heavy, you can also use a mixture of 50/50 water and white vinegar. Using diluted laundry soap and a clean damp rang will also work.

Can You Put Your Jute Rug in the Washing Machine

Many people who buy jute rugs often contemplate the question, “ Can I put my jute rug into the washing machine.” We would recommend you to avoid it as much as you can. It is because this method involves a lot of drenching and can discolour it. So, it’s best to avoid getting jute rugs wet as much as possible. Even if you do dry them quickly, jute shows watermarks and stains somewhat easily. Steam cleaning and standard shampooing are therefore typically out of the question!

Can Jute rugs be professionally cleaned?

Yes, jute rugs can be professionally cleaned. But, we can understand that it might not be possible for you to get it cleaned professionally all the time. Isn’t it? So, here are certain floor care and cleaning tips for you that can surely save you from unnecessary professional cleaning fees. 

  1. Daily Vacuuming and Mopping: Daily vacuuming and mopping can help remove dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris. Additionally, it reduces extra carpet fibres giving them a novel look.
  2. Regular Changing of Vacuum Filter: Neglection in changing the vacuum filter is another common mistake we make. So, it is advised to empty the vacuum canister or replace the bag frequently. Clean vacuum filters trap more dirt and debris. Using dirty mops can spread more dirt on it.
  3. Using the right Cleanser or Stain Remover: Select the cleanser or stain remover specially produced for delicate silk blend fibres. Are you not sure about the apt cleaning material? Go for the 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water as suggested above.
  4. Get the Professional Cleaning done Annually: You can get the professional floor cleaning done, annually or biennially, at the most.

Related Questions

Why do jute rugs shed?

It is an inevitable fact that plant fiber rugs usually shed over time. It is due to their unravelling because of normal traffic and wear. But you can avoid the access shedding of the jute rug by using a pad under it. This will help avoid the rubbing of the rug on the floor under it. It’s suggested to clean the rug frequently for keeping the excess dirt away from it.

Do jute rugs smell while cleaning them?

Jute rugs sometimes give an odd and earthy smell when opened from their shipping package for the first time. But this smell is not unpleasant and is just a little different from other modern area rugs. It’s only due to the plant strands from which they are made. However, this smell should disappear once the handmade jute rug airs out after unwrapping or cleaning.

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