How to store rugs & carpets?

To keep our rugs and carpets safe, we try to find an old place and fit the mat into it. But we need to think, is this way enough to keep your rugs and carpets safe? If you are nodding your head even slightly, then you must check out this article. In this article, we’ve curated some tips or points to help you store your Indian carpet and rugs safely and avoid the damage caused by rodents, pests, moths, vapor, or other factors. So follow these steps to store the carpets and rugs safely. So without wasting any time, let’s directly dig into the list of tips. 

How to store rugs & carpets?
  • Clean your rugs & carpets entirely

The first thing you need to do before storing is cleaning your Indian carpet properly. As you know, some leftovers can easily attract pests and other insects that can destroy your carpet. So it’s better to clean your carpet with a good quality vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles, food ingredients, pigments, dander, etc.

Before choosing the cleaning process, you need to check the tag to know about the material used while manufacturing it. For example, different carpet manufacturers in India use other materials to manufacture carpets and rugs. Check the title and then start with the cleaning process accordingly. 

  • Apply moth repellent

After completing the cleaning process, you need to apply any moth repellent to avoid the attack of pests, moths, or other insects. You can perform the moth repellent solution by mixing water and white vinegar. Pests and other insects hate the smell of white vinegar so that they won’t damage your carpets or rugs in any way.

If your carpet is too costly for DIY methods, you can give a call to professionals. They will use commercial methods to avoid the danger of pests. Rugs manufactured by SSI International are usually of high quality, so make sure you perform this step before storing them. 

  • Roll the carpet carefully

Now the next important step is the rolling process. Though rolling is not recommended, yet you have to do it to store your carpet or rug. Make sure you dry it before starting the rolling process. To avoid cracks or wrinkles in your carpet, you need to pay extra attention while rolling the rug. Usually, the piles are made of delicate fabric. Therefore you need to fold them in such a way that the piles face the inner direction. Use a thick beam to keep the carpet straight while you complete the rolling process.

  • Use canvas or fiber to wrap the roll

Once the rolling is done, you need to wrap the roll with good fabric material. Avoid the use of plastic because it can cause moisture that leads to damage to your carpet. Many carpet suppliers prefer to wrap the rug in canvas or fiber at least two times to avoid its deterioration.

Some of the carpet exporters in India use polyurethane rug wrap to keep your rugs and carpets safe. Don’t forget to use the twill tape after wrapping your carpet. Additionally, in case you’re unfamiliar, SSI International is among the top 10 carpet manufacturers in India that manufacture the best quality carpets and rugs. 

How to store rugs & carpets?
  • Time to store the carpets & rugs

Now it’s time to store your carpet in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space. Don’t let the direct sunlight reach the storage place as it may spoil its look to a great extent. Try to store it horizontally or vertically on a high rack (wherever you find ample space) to avoid cracks or creases. Additionally, don’t let any other heavy objects damage your carpet. Moreover, try to add a fan where you store your rugs to avoid damage from humidity. 

  • Unroll it after a few months

Don’t forget your carpets and rugs once you store them. To ensure safety, you need to unroll and check them after a few months. Damage can be caused by air, water, pests, insects, dust, etc., so to make sure your carpet is safe, have a look after a few months. If you want to buy the best quality carpets and rugs, contact SSI International today. They provide the best carpet price in India

How to store rugs & carpets?
  • Conclusion

If you want to store your precious carpets and rugs safely, you must follow the above mentioned tricks. Well, These tips will help you to get rid of pests infestation on your carpets. If your home lacks space for storage of carpets and rugs, you can search the storage space areas near your residential property. These storage units help to maintain adequate temperature and humidity levels to avoid any damage. Check out the website of SSI International to choose the trendy carpets and rugs. 

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