Indian Handmade Rugs

Indian handmade rugs are known for their exquisite handiwork and color combinations. These handmade rugs are often decorated with beads, embroidery, knot work, stones, and colorful designs. These hand knotted rugs come in different shapes and sizes. Handmade rugs from India have intricate and detailed hand-crafted designs that can easily transform your home into an artistic wonderland. A hand knotted rug from India is a unique piece that can easily enhance the look of your living room, dining room, or kitchen.

Indian hand knotted rugs are made using a simple yet intricate technique that involves the interlacing of different threads. It takes considerable time and expertise to hand knotted each thread and use the right combination of colors to bring out the design and shading. In order to create handmade rugs, the weavers must start with a pile of natural fibers like cotton, jute, sisal, and ramie, as well as polypropylene yarn which can be obtained from manufacturers in India. After the fibers are prepared they are split into smaller pieces and kept soaked in water. Wool and silk fibers can also be used.

The next step in the process is to extract the water and dry the pieces. After this process is complete, the soil is ready for use. Hand knotted carpets from India are hand tufted by machine using short length threads. Some handmade carpets made in India are hand tufted manually using the right method. Hand tufted rugs can look very elegant and add a royal touch to the home.

Some hand tufted Indian handmade rugs come in very light shades of colors, while others are dark in shade and add an earthy tone to the room. Medium-sized handmade rugs can be used to cover a big floor area. This type of handmade rug can make your room feel comfortable and inviting. It can be used to cover an entrance or sitting area where guests are invited.

Today there are many online stores where Indian handmade rugs can be bought. You can also find great rugs at reasonable prices from these online shops. They offer custom-made Indian rugs too. Here you can choose the color and size that suits your room. When buying online, it is essential to check for the authenticity of the product before making payment.

Indian handmade rugs are made of wool yarn which is taken from sheep and is obtained through the milk of the sheep. There are different names for sheep’s milk such as ayurvedic milk, bajra and khichuri. This liquid is used to extract the fiber from the sheep and give out the threads. These threads are then woven on to a backing made from cotton, which is called the weft. The fibers come out as handmade rugs that are hand knotted to make them soft and pliable.

Today many manufacturers have come up who specialize in hand knotted rugs. You can choose from a wide range of hand knotted Indian handmade rugs that are made of different kinds of materials. You will definitely find the perfect one for your home or office. The texture of these rugs is also different and they can be described as coarse, fine, silky, or plush.

Some of the best handmade rugs are hand knotted with beads and stones. You will come across some of the most beautifully crafted rugs. Most of the Indian handmade rugs are made with cotton or silk. Although they can be made with wool, it is not advisable because the wool can be very expensive and there is no guarantee that the rugs will last longer. Therefore, handmade rugs made from cotton or silk are the best option if you want a durable, good quality and beautiful Indian handmade rug.

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