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Indian Rugs: Features, Names, and Online Shopping Destinations

India is a country that has a rich tradition of carpets in the regions of the country like Jaipur, Kashmir Agra etc. India is considered the best for its rugs with the best quality products as well as its aesthetic appeal. Indian rugs continue to be the symbol of India’s rich heritage whether with a modern look or a traditional design. 

In this blog, we will tell you about some key features of dhurrie rugs, what are Indian dhurrie rugs called, and some online platforms where you can purchase dhurrie rugs.

What Are Indian Rugs Called?

Depending upon the specific place and the origin Indian rugs can be of different types as follows:

Dhurrie Rugs

These originated from India and are flat woven rugs. These are famous for their vibrant colours and patterns and often they are made up of wool and cotton.

Kilim Rugs

Kilims are the same as dhurries and are known for their color and patterns and are similar to Indian rugs.

Kashmiri Rugs

As they originated from Kashmir they are called Kashmiri Rugs. These rugs are famous for their indicated design as well as their fine silk and wool.

Bhadohi Rugs

This place is known for its hand-knotted rugs and this place originated in Uttar Pradesh. As rugs originated from these places as they are an example of perfect Indian rugs with Persian rugs.

Dhurrie Rugs in India

Dhurrie Rugs originated from India only and they are flat woven rugs. These rugs are mainly famous for their vibrant designs, durability, and versatility. These are mainly made of wool and cotton only. 

Some Key Features of Dhurrie Rugs are:


Dhurrie rugs are commonly made using cotton and wool. Cotton durries are often suitable for warmer climates as they are often more affordable. Extra warmth and durability are provided by the wool dhurrie. 

Design and Pattern

These come with a wide variety of patterns and designs. The artisans who create them and their cultural and regional influences are also been reflected.


These are very versatile and can be used in many different places such as bedrooms, dining areas, living rooms, and wall handling as well. These are easy to maintain as well as clean. 

Cotton Dhurrie Rugs in India

Cotton Dhurrie rugs in India are very popular because of their durability, versatile nature, and lightweight. 

Some key points of Cotton Dhurrie Rugs in India:


Instead of rugs made from some other material cotton Dhurrie rugs are the most comfortable ones. It is a very popular choice for those who are looking for handmade rugs with affordable prices with the best quality. 

Designs and Patterns 

These come with a wide variety of patterns and designs. Their traditional colors with stripes and the use of vibrant colors are the common features. 

Handmade Craftmanship 

By using traditional weaving techniques many skilled artisans make cotton dhurries. This involves adding a personal touch to each rug by adding uniqueness to the final products.

In India, if you are interested in buying cotton durrie rugs instead of going online you can first go for rug stores and the local market. The factors considering this would be size, design, color, and the components used in making this. For longevity concerns carefully go through the care instructions. 

Online Shopping for Indian Rugs

You can go through a wide variety and go through the several options online as there are many online websites. So some of the very popular websites offer Indian rugs.

Amazon, Shree Sai, and Jaipur Rugs. Before making a purchase make sure to check all the necessary details like size, color, design, and material.

Cheap Carpets Online India

Several sites and websites will offer carpets at very cheap prices with budget-friendly options. For getting the best quality that may exceed your expectations make sure you are getting the best quality product. 


Indian rugs stand as a testament to the rich culture, craftsmanship, and artistic expression that characterizes the nation. With diverse styles originating from regions, Indian rugs showcase a remarkable fusion of tradition and innovation. These rugs, whether hand-knotted, flat-woven Dhurries, or intricately designed Kashmiri masterpieces, reflect the skills passed down through generations of skilled artisans. The use of high-quality materials such as fine wool, silk, and cotton contributes to the durability and aesthetic appeal of Indian rugs.


Where Are the Best Rugs in India Made?

India is home to several regions that are renowned for producing high-quality rugs, each with its distinct style and craftsmanship. The choice of the “best” rugs depends on individual preferences and the specific characteristics one is searching for.

What is Rugs From India Called?

Rugs from India are called by various names depending on their type, origin, and specific characteristics. As you can see above we have already discussed the several names and types of rugs.

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