What type of rug is best over wall-to-Wall carpets?

Is it okay to install an area rug over wall-to-wall carpet? You might wonder. If you ask a group of people, you’ll probably get a highly mixed reaction. The decor is usually quite personal, and what works for one individual may not work for another.

Most designers will tell you that a rug is required for a living space to seem finished. Shree Sai is the right choice for you if you look for custom rug manufacturers to give you quality products. 

Rugs, on the other hand, can be costly. Choosing a large-scale item like that, which will significantly impact the way a room looks and feels, can be scary. The perfect rug might last for decades in your house. The improper rug will remind you every day of the money you squandered — and the money you’ll have to spend to replace it.

Given the variety of fabrics, colours, designs, and sizes available, doing it wrong is all too simple. The area rug manufacturers can be of your help. 

You might be awakened in the middle of the night wondering what a jute rug is. So, what’s the big deal about Moroccan rugs? Or, more specifically, what constitutes a high-quality rug and how to purchase one online.

We’ve got professional advice from rug manufacturer India on how to choose a rug. This is the guide for you if you’re looking for machine-made rugs that are easy to clean, antique rugs, silk rugs, or just want to change up what you have going on with your carpet. While style is crucial, it is only one part of the puzzle when selecting a rug. Consider the colour palette, weave, and whether or not it has to be professionally cleaned to better understand what you’ll need in the future.

Decide is it a good idea or not?

Apart from the obvious reasons—you’re renting or otherwise unable to replace the carpet; your carpet is exhibiting signs of wear in areas you’d prefer to conceal, etc.—do it if you want to! Area rugs are an excellent way to breathe new vitality into a room. They can give a splash of colour or texture to a room without requiring a complete makeover. The possibilities for area rugs are practically endless. You may even use broadloom to create your own unique rug.

The rules for selecting an area rug for use over broadloom are similar to those for employing an area rug on hard surface flooring. There are a few other factors to consider.

What type of rug is best over wall-to-Wall carpets?

Keep the size in mind

The size of the rug should be the first consideration. Depending on the size of the room, you’ll want to consider the square inch of each rug you’re considering and err on the side of larger. Rugs and carpets have a weird way of making you feel like you have more than you do.

One of the risks of buying area rugs online is that you may not have enough, which is why it’s critical to measure your space and ensure you don’t end up yearning for another piece to cover the last few feet of the dining room. When it comes to online rug buying and rug choosing, size does matter, even if you don’t think it matters.

The different types of fabrics of rugs

Here is a rundown of the best type of rug fabrics you must check out:

Wool rug

Wool is the most popular rug material because of its longevity and softness.

Why do we like it? Strong, stain- and water-resistant; high insulating characteristics; comfortable underfoot Consider the following: It is not suitable for damp areas since it absorbs humidity; it is prone to fading; some shedding may occur, although this will diminish over time. For use in living rooms, dining rooms, and high-traffic spaces.

Silk rug

Silk rugs are prized for their smoothness and delicate sheen, and they are luxurious and glossy. Why we like it: It has a really soft and luxurious feel to it, with finer details than wool. Consider the following: Professional cleaning is required; footprints may be visible. Bedrooms and low-traffic areas are ideal.

What type of rug is best over wall-to-Wall carpets?

Cotton rug

Dhurries and kilims are the most common flat-weave carpets made from it.

Why do we like it? It’s usually less expensive than wool or silk, and it’s also easier to clean. Consider the following: It doesn’t always last for a long time. Kitchens, children’s rooms, and casual places are ideal.

Sisal and jute rugs

Natural grasses and other fibres are the perfect design chameleons because they combine neutral, earthy hues with rich textures. Why do we like it? Very strong; renewable; chemically unprocessed in most cases Consider the following: Some types are gritty and difficult to clean. Ideal for: Living spaces, high-traffic areas, and sunny locations


Viscose, nylon, and polypropylene are examples of man-made fibres. They’ve been tweaked over time to imitate the properties of natural fibres.

Why we like it: It’s easy to clean; it’s family-friendly; it can be used in moist areas, and it comes in a variety of styles that can be used outside. Consider the following: It doesn’t always feel luxurious Hallways, outdoors (note: not all synthetic rugs are suited for outdoor usage), high-traffic, and sunny spaces are the best places to put them.


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